Written by Mrs Fun7

25 Jan 2017

Continue from part one.

So now we both have the full truth. We want to embark on this journey but how? I guess we all make this mistake and look between friends! But shit no. We have such wonderful friends. Not worth it to damage anything there. So we go on to a site. Ooooo hell no. Then another site. But this one is for affairs. Goodness no. Couples don't exist there. So then we find SH. Slowly adding our info. Scared to be recognised. In the meantime we are having the most amazing love making that we new. Role playing all what if's. Still my mind could not get around me being with another man..... Seems like a guilty pleasure! So finally we add some discreet pics. Now we are receiving messages! !!! O shit now it's real. Making a date to meet a cpl. Before they sat down I finished my second glass of wine. My nervs were racing.

They were relaxed and easy going. Telling us quite a bit how this puzzle works. I relaxed and laughed way to much. Nervs again.

After dinner on our way home I said to hubby NO. Not happening. Can't do this. Received some weird messages so I never opneed our profile again. I was done. No way!!!!!!!!. At some point he made his own profile. As he did not know the password to our old one. Hence the 2 profiles. Months went by. We still imagined all this wild sex with other people but played all alone. Fuck it was amazing!!!!!

So one day he says this couple wants to meet. Fuck how were when. Then I learned about our other profile. No no no. I had no intention of meeting. It took some convincing but I went.

As we walked into the pub my knee's were shaking I felt faint. As we reached the table this couple waited for us. They greeted and sat down. They seemed normal friendly people. Think I was expecting some weird pervert. I had so much fun. We laughed. This man was hilarious. What a awesome night I even insisted we go somewhere more quit for coffee. We had a blast. We chat sometimes soft play, but think our interests are not aline. Then we made our fare share of Newby mistakes. Mental blocks.........

So now something inside me wants more!!!!!!!! O shit!!!

So now I open funcouple again. Mrs Fun7 is reborn. And I am out on the prowl. Looking at profiles and searching for the right ones. As we send messages and receive messages talk for hours to people....

One day this profile catches my eye. Dear God he looked good. He is not a boy. Is it possible? He looked at my pics and I looked at his. So we looked but did not make contact. Then my curiosity got the best of me. I sent a message "Stunning profile pics" his reply "Thank you sexy blond hot wife. You also. Imagine our pics toghether " messages went back and forth. Finally we exchanged numbers. He live 700KM away. He then notified us he has business this side.

After we spoke for some time we arranged a meet. I have never been so scared and exited all in one. What if he came all this way and ended up a douch. Well hubby and he clicked wright away. At some point I thought it was hubby playing with me on site!!!!!

Got all dressed up to meet Mr B at a restaurant. We went early to have time for a glass of wine and relax. As Mr. B approached us my pulse raced. He was so calm and collected. I could barely stand up to greet him but I did. He kissed me and hugged like family do. But then he slid his hand down my spine. Ooooo my it felt as if all my hair raised on my head. I went completely blank. It was winter freezing cold, but I had to remove my coat. Underneath I was boiling.

He gave me a wicked smile and said. Mmmm to warm for you? Always having smart comebacks I could only get yes out. Fuck what was wrong with me?

As we sat down ordered a meal him and hubby spoke most at first. They have much in commen. We were seated at a little square table. Them across from each other and me smack in the middle.

Dear God is it possible to feel this turned on. Hubby slid his hand under the table and pressed my knee. I almost came by his touch. Then he slid his hand up and down my thigh. I could not sit still for a second. Blushing like a 16yr old. As we prefer discretion in public I did not expect Mr. B to try anything. But he is smart. He moved his leg just touching mine..... I was back in 7th grade. Giggling like a girl. He thought it was amusing and milked the situation for all it was worth.

Nervous I peered over to hubby. I was so aroused it scared me. Mr B called for my attention and said something, to this day I don't have a clue what he said. But he locked eyes with me then his eyes dropped to my clevage and slowly brought his eyes back to mine. As his eyes moved from my clevage my temperature rose.

I excused myself and went outside. I needed to breath and think straight. How could my husband, the love of my life enjoy this?

As I returned to the table hubby and Mr. B stood. Hubby attended to the waiter for the bill. Mr. B nipped my chin and said. "We are getting the bill and moving this party to the hotel" Trying to not look speechless I said ask bill to join. It cracked a tench moment.

Hubby turned to me and kissed me with a hot passion I never new exited..... his lips still linger on me today. As we left I made a comment I never said yes. Hubby laughed out loud. Yes your mouth did not but baby your body was screaming yes yes yes.

And so we left for the hotel!!!!

More in Part 3.