Written by Mrs Fun7

23 Jan 2017

We met on my 17th Birthday. He showed up with one of my friends. When I was about to aproach them standing on our balcony he said to our friend "That girl I am going to marry!". To cut through some tough stuff and give the short. We very soon became friends first. I even arranged him dates and he was my wing man. At some point the energy between us was just to much and he asked me to be his girl. At a Roxette concert. A day I will never forget. We were inceprable. We loved the same things. Laughed and just always had fun. I had found my best friend and lover all in one. That is priceless. It came to a point were our parent said let him just turn 21 and get married. They got nervous that we would produce babies. He he he. Could not blame them. He has this magical dark blue eyes blush skin black hair and a haert of pure gold. He had a body to die for. But his haert and soul captured me. He new I was a wild child he loved that about me. He encouraged me to be me. As I said my best friend. So we tied the not. Best decision I ever made. We had fun laughs tears. Getting to fit all this being married stuff house and make it work. Soon came the babies. I flipped. But he was a rock. Made it all go smooth. We have from day one took the journey of sexual experiences toghether. Found out new things tried it all. We are now married almost 20 years. What a journey it has been. 12 years ago he mentioned having another man join us!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear God I thought this man must be crazy. No No No. As most women I thought this was to pave the way for him to have sex with other women. So we went back and forth. I made a mistake wich hurt us both dearly. One I will always regret. But he gave me love care and understanding. Then one night just over a year ago he fed me way to much wine. Our sexual energy has always been erotic. He pinned me down. I was so full of lust . My clit was throbbing at his sudden rage. I begged him to please me. As he went slowly down on me and started to lick my clit in circular motions I moaned at the pleasure then he stopped!!!!! Wile holding me down and me pumping my hips he said "would you enjoy another man fucking you now" My haert raced faster than Michael Schumacher's Fi ever could. I said No. He continued to please me and just before I could orgasm he stopped again. I was shouting in frustration. He said I know the truth but I need you to tell me your truth. So I screamed. "Yes yes yes I would love to explore and fuck other men. " I could not believe I said that out loud.

So scared that I might hurt my lover and best friend. But he became so hard and aroused by my admission that I could not stop. So we admitted to one another our crazy fantasy's.

Could he love me so much and share me? Did he still love me like a Godess and be willing to do this?

In my Insecurity he said. Ok we will meet single men. I will not have sex with another woman. As I don't need it. I just want to see you with another man. I want to see you experience ultimate plesure!!!!!! My brain raced. Is it posibble? So I read up on it. As I did not think I could discuss it with anyone.. To my surprise what I read left me in awe. Certain men worship their women and tend to share them to see the plesure. So he loves me more than anything in this world!!!!!!!! Here our naughty journey started. What an experience it has been.

More in Part 2.