27 Feb 2017


As this exiting and rather fun journey continues we could fill books. But only moments in time that keep us captivated are shared. Well this one was quite the surprise factor.

As hubby was running his profile and I was running mine. We always caught up with a glass of wine by the fire in the evenings. So this night he presents me with a profile and whatsapp communication of a *Hank. Through his pictures i could see he does have a nice body. But for some reason his profile or pictures did not appeal to me at all. And hubby liked him.

*Hank is married and playing alone. He informed us he would be heading our way for a few days in a month’s time. As we were passing the town he stays in hubby suggested we meet for coffee. But we ran real late (As we always do) and could not make the appointment. *Hank was patient and I did not feel fazed much.

So the month passed chatting in a group on whatsapp. Still *Hank did not appeal to me much at all. So the Saturday morning we were heading up the coast to attend a party when *Hank arrived in our town. We agreed to meet for a quick beer at a local restaurant just to meet. I was not even excited to meet *Hank as he always looked like the real head boy of the class. We were doing our trip with the Harley so i was dressed in leather short and leather Harley top. Biker chic deluxe. We went to the restaurant early as we wanted to have a meal before we headed up the coast.

As we sat on the outside overlooking the ocean this man pulled up in front of us on the other side of the road. He removed his helmet and turned. I turned to hubby and said. “Look at that guy”. Hubby laughed and said. O it is *Hank. No way it was not possible as he crossed the road i slid down my chair. He walked straight to us and greeted my husband first then me. He was well mannered and charming. He did not look my way much but just peeked in my direction every now and then. I sat back and took in what i was looking at. As the two men talked i only gave an opinion every now and then. He was quite in a rush as he had friends waiting. And we had to head up the coast for our party we were attending.

So we arranged to meet the Monday evening as *Hank was heading back home the Tuesday. The Sunday *Hank sent a message. He was quite nervous as he has never been with a couple before. I assured him and said we will meet for drinks were none of us has to rush. He needs to relax.

So Monday night approaches. Hubby had jeans on showing off his tight ass and a halter top. I could have ripped it off at home. He looked smoking hot. He had his cologne on that drives me wild. I knew that we would not only have drinks. *Hank had me by the minute he removed his helmet. Hubby new this also. He has booked a villa close by. As we entered the local water hole *Hank was waiting for us. He had Jeans on and a button shirt showing off his broad shoulders. My fever rose at the thought of these two men. But maintaining my pose we greeted and hubby and “Hank sat on each side of me. The smell of the two men combining drove me crazy. *Hank was nervous he looked scared to even by accident touch me. Joking and telling him some of our ventures he relaxed a bit. I left and went to the lady’s room. When i got back a different man was there. Hubby had told him not to be afraid to touch me or flirt with me. As i approached my chair he made it imposable for me not to rub against him. (Ok I love to do that also).

Hubby went to the Gents and *Hank’s eyes never left me. At some point I wondered if he does not have x ray vision. I felt naked. He looked but chatted bluntly. When hubby returned he said let’s go. Now this is where the fun starts.

As we entered the apartment. Hubby went to the bathroom. I put all my bags etc down and as i turned *Hank was right against me. He cupped my face and kissed me. I slid my hands up his body and he giggled. I then pushed him back and said wait hubby is always my first kiss. (Lucky I and hubby kissed before we entered the apartment.) *Hank stood aside but he looked at me like I was a meal he had not had in a long time. As hubby entered the lounge area he said with a smirk you two seem as if you could not wait. Knowing exactly what has happened. Hubby grabbed me and kissed me with a lust i knew and loved. As i turned to indulge in this man that entered our space hubby took my top off. *Hank kissed me again. His lips are soft and glides over my mouth making me want more. By this time hubby was stripping me down to my lingerie. As I turned and followed hubby to the bedroom *Hank followed. He said fuck I love your ass.

Hubby pushed me down on the bed. He kissed me long, hard and sensual. I had a one piece lingerie on and he slid down unclipped it. Being wet but he was going to make sure I was soaking wet. *Hank looked down on me his eyes looking sleepy but not missing a spot. He made eye contact smiled and kissed me again. He then flipped open my breasts. My nipples were hard; He fondled each with his two fingers making them harder. Hubby was eating my pussy like it was his last meal. He slid his hands up and down my body. I moaned into *Hank’s mount witch drove him crazy.

For some reason i cannot remember too much of the logistics as i was in another world. As Hubby was still licking and tongue fucking me i told *Hank to put his cock in my mouth. He filled my mouth and I could feel his veins swelling with each suck. As i teased his cock with my lips and slid my lips down his shaft his head hung back as he groaned. But i would not let him cum.

Hubby told *Hank to fuck me as they changed places. Hank slid on his condom and grabbed me by the back of my legs and pulled me towards him. He slowly inserted his cock into me locking eyes with me. Hubby turned my face and laid his cock on my lips. He knows i love the taste of his pre cum and could not wait to have him right back to my throat. He teased my lips with his cock. Till i grabbed his ass and forced his cock in my mouth. This drove *Hank wild. He started to fuck me real hard. I could not contain moaning and screaming. Hubby pulled back and started to nibble on my nipples. The sensation that went through me. I have no way of describing it. But i burst into an orgasm that shacked the building. *Hank pulled out took his condom off and cummed over my body. O i love the feel of warm cum. He rubbed it into my skin as he lay beside me and hubby on the other side caressing and kissing me. Fuck this is what it is all about.

Hubby then turned me to him and lifted my legs over his shoulders. He fucked me so hard. He loved me being his slut. *Hank moved aside and hubby told him to lie down. I kissed and caressed him while hubby fucked me from behind making me squirt over him. Then hubby continued till i had a mind-blowing orgasm kissing *Hank and he fucking me. When my husband felt i was satisfied he pulled out and came over my ass. Covering me with his delicious cum. After this session I had to clean and we all lay on the bed talking and soaking in the moment.

Next moment hubby slid his hands down and massaged my pussy. When i was wet enough he slid his fingers in and made me squirt all over the dresser and floor. My body was shaking, dehydration was my thought. *Hank loved that and asked some advice. So he tried and hubby was explaining to him what to do. He was scared to touch to hard. But with hubby’s guidance he got it right. My squirt sprayed all over him. He loved it. And just when i thought that was it. They both were hard again.

This continued for some time. Till we were all out of breath out of stamina and completely satisfied.

What a fun night it was.

(Part 6 to follow)