27 Feb 2017


After spending some hours online going through some profiles and messages. Getting quite frustrated with so many time wasters on the site. (As i am sure all knows)

So one morning i open our profile and get a message from a couple. Let’s call them *Harry and *Julie. Harry wrote the message. Impressed with all the information his message holds i responded.

Soon we exchange numbers and start to chat on whatsapp. *Harry is quite eager to meet. They live aprox 300KM from us. So we arrange to meet the next Saturday at a pub and watch the Springboks rugby game together.

Saturday morning getting our kids settled and sorted we load our car and take the trip. We booked a nice beach villa. Although it was winter the view was gorgeous. As the time came for us to go we embarked on our next journey and met *Harry and *Julie at this pub. With hello *Harry had my attention. He is a professional business man. He was so casual though. Very easy going and comfortable. He has a wicket sense of humour and had us all laughing at his sharp remarks.

Part through the rugby match i turned to meet my husband’s attention. I was not sure how to see us and this couple as i was not sure how hubby and *Julie felt. But what i know for sure was that I and *Harry could definitely have some fun. My husband always being so sharp on my every move and smile said well i guess it is a Yes from you. I never deny that but also don’t believe that one should embark on this if not all 4 are on the same page.

As the game wrapped up and thankful that the Boks won this game we all finished up our drinks. *Harry makes eye contact and smiles but not an obvious flirt in public. So he suggests we go to our place and continue the party. In the car i reminded hubby that this does mean anything more has to happen. As i could not establish if there were any connection between *Julie and my husband. Hubby assured me that he will not embark on anything if the mood and connection was not right.

At the villa we made a huge fire, drinks and snacks and hubby being a proper “boer seun” had to braai. *Harry and *Julie has been in the lifestyle for many years and have hosted and attended many swing parties. They shared some of the most enticing and funny stories. We were all relaxed and connected as friends for sure. From time to time *Julie would pass my husband by the braai and touch his back and slide her hand down to his ass. His hair is short but i am sure i could see the hair in his neck rise. Me, being quite cautious when it came to couples observed more.

*Julie walked to *Harry and started to unbutton his shirt exposing his chest. *Harry is a well build man and has lots of sex appeal. I started to enjoy the view with my eyes only. Not having the courage to do more.

As it was getting quite cold outside all suggested we go sit in the lounge. Chatting and laughing some more. Hubby asks me to please put some eye drops in his eyes. But he wants me to sit with my legs on either side of him and assist. *Harry makes a remark ‘fuck your ass looks so sexy from this angle” I gave a shy laugh not having something to say at that point. Hubby now had both his hand on my ass massaging. He knows this is a good arousal point. As i stood up *Harry asked for some eye drops also. Feeling my hands start to shake as nerves build up. *Julie made a remark that i have to also sit on *Harry.

At this point being slightly aroused and excited and nervous at the same time i took a deep breath and continued with the task at hand. As i stood in front of *Harry he gave me a very alluring smile and opened his eyes wide for his drops. So i put my legs around his crotch and slid slightly against him. I could feel he was quite hard but tried to focus on getting drops into his eyes. As i put the drops into his eyes *Harry put his hands on my ass and squeezed. O Fuck now i knew this was it. As i looked back to see my husband’s reaction i only then realised *Julie was busy unbuttoning his shirt kissing him.

I then realised that i was busy rubbing my sex against *Harry’s crotch feeling him becoming harder and harder. He opened his eyes and cupped my face. Then he put his lips to mine. He has soft lips and a sweet taste. I love to kiss. The next moment he flipped me over and removed his pants. Exposing his hard throbbing cock. I peeked over to hubby and *Julie who was moaning in delight as hubby was eating away at her pussy. For some moment i wanted to watch. I could not understand the arousal it brought to me seeing my husband please another women that way.

I was sitting up straight on the couch and *Harry removed my top. He then started to rub his cock over my breasts getting my full attention back to him. He then put his cock tip to my lips and smiled at me. I understood the unspoken work and started to suck *Harry’s cock. Harry put his hands on the back of my head and lightly pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. My husband knew i was not really comfortable for a play date as my menstrual cycle stopped that morning. He looked over and said honey relax, take a shower and you will be fine.

I did explain this earlier to *Harry and he was fine with soft play only. But he said if you will be more comfy with a shower all good. Now we were quite new to the couple scene and still had all these rules. One was same room play. As i went to the bathroom got undressed and entered the shower the shower door opened behind me. Before i could say a word he pushed me against the wall. I bounced as the cold tiles touched my back but he pushed back and kissed me till i did not want to say another word. Then he spun me around. My brain still today tries to configure the logistics as *Harry is quite tall and I am short. But before i could move he pinned my hands to the wall and pushed his cock deep inside me. He was pounding away. At one point my legs gave way as i felt an orgasm approaching. He grabbed me around the waist and did not stop till he held me up completely. Much of that felt quite a daze to me. But hubby told me it sounded as if i was going to come through the bathroom wall at any point. He said he had already cum but when he heard me not moaning but screaming he got rock hard again. He said *Julie noticed and started to suck his cock. *Harry had still not cummed and left the shower. As i walked into our room to dry myself off he came behind me and pushed me onto the bed. He then spread my legs and felt and said my pussy was still wet. He by the speed of lightning got a condom on him. He then slid his cock in slowly and gently this time. And at a slow and sensual pace took me to another orgasm.

By this time hubby and *Julie joined us in the room and hubby was pounding hard into ‘Julie. The next minute *Julie looked like she was having a stroke. Even hubby asked if she was ok and she moaned and said she was having an orgasm. By this time *Harry was pinning me down and made a loud groan as he cummed deep inside me. He fell down next to me and regained his breath. Fuck women i will work on that tight pussy for days was his last remark. I gave him a quick kiss on the mouth and head back to the shower.

By the time i got back to the lounge the others were chatting and laughing. *Harry and *Julie decided to spend the night. Hubby handed me a warm coffee and cuddled on the couch. I could feel his arousal next to me as he held me.

We said our good nights and headed to our own rooms. That night hubby made sweet and passionate love to me claiming my whole being again. I belong to this man!!!!!! As the morning dawned we got out of bed and made coffee. *Harry and *Julie’s door was open. I knocked and asked if i could enter. *Julie said sure. Only to find her riding *Harry like a pro. For a second I wanted to look away but could. I placed coffee on the dresser and said enjoy as i left the room. Almost wanting to join.

I told hubby and he said well let’s also have some breakfast. 

After a quick and fast release to sexual desire we all met in the lounge had coffee and a bite to eat. We enjoy their conversation and had some more laughs. All started to get packing clearing up and on our way we were. We have become good friends and look forward to our next meet.

Part 5 to follow