Written by MRS FUN7

25 Jan 2017


As me my husband and Mr. B entered the hotel room. My husband put his hand on the nape of my back and it felt as if a shock went up and down my spine. Fuck i needed to move away and get these heals off. My legs were way to wobbly to maintain a good pose. I rushed into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I needed to clear my mind. As i felt as if i could not focus on anything besides the images my brain was forming of what is about to happen....

As i was busy refreshing myself and brushing my teeth i looked into the mirror. " Who was this person looking back at me?" I barely remember her. What i saw was the wild naughty daughter that gave my dad night mares. The crazy young lady my husband fell in love with. My heart was pounding. I saw a reflection of my wild beast wanting to break out.

The sudden knock at the door startled me. For the time i was in there searching myself i lost track of time. It was my husband wanting to know if i had any plans to leave the bathroom. When i opened the door. His eyes went wide and i for a second though i have smudged my makeup or something. He said Baby your eyes. They are so grey they look blue. He saw my beast. He handed me a glass of wine and i took a big gulp. As i moved closer to the bed area it felt as if my blood was rushing through my veins. It felt as if i could feel my pulse rushing in my ears. As went forward my husband stood right in front of me. He put both his hands on my cheeks and kissed me hard as if he was fucking my mouth with his tongue. Then i felt Mr. B behind me he put his hands on my hips and he started to kiss me in the back of my neck. Dear God this felt way to good. Yes i was melting into the two men as if i new what to do all along.

As i started to unbutton my husbands shirt he moved away and said wait. He then blindfolded me. O God now I had to rely on all other senses. Wile kissing me again i finished to unbutton his shirt. By this time Mr. B's hand moved up from my hips to my breasts. I thought my nipples would crack the were so hard and sensitive. Hubby pulled slightly away. I swear i could feel his smile. Mr.B was right up against my back and i could feel the pulse in his cock as he rubbed himself against my butt. He turned me around. I stood in total anticipation for what was to happen next. I lifted my hands and placed them on Mr.B's chest. I could feel his muscles spasm and his breathing was irregular. Hubby then came up behind me and started to undress me. As i stood only in a one piece lingerie and not even for one second shy......... Wile hubby was kissing me from my ears down to my shoulders and o God he hit the spot in my back he new makes me completely weak i was busy unbuttoning Mr. B's shirt. I have only seen his pics. And now i had to just feel. With is shirt open i slid my hands from his chest down to his waist. O he felt so good. He told me to stop biting my lip and he kissed me. His kiss was so different from my husband's. It was not a kiss of love and passion it was a kiss of pure lust.

My husband unclipped my lingerie at the bottom. I was soaked. He slid his fingers through my sex. My back curled and my head fell back. I felt as if i could swallow his fingers there and then. Teasing me with light touches. Wanting me to beg. So i shamelessly did. Please fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. B flipped open the top op my lingerie and cupped my breasts in his hands pinching my nipples wile my husband slipped to fingers in me. I could not contain myself any longer and burst into a squirt. My legs gave way and the next moment i was in mid air. The 2 men on each side of me lifted me onto the bed....... i was still wallowing as my orgasm was still controlling my body. My husband started to tease my sex with the tip of his cock. And me not feeling ashamed any longer demanded that he fuck me now and hard. He said i should not get impatient the night was long from over. Frustration and crazy lust filled me. They then took restraints and tied my wrists to my ankles on each side of me. I was spread open and could not change my body position. My right wrist and ankle together and my left together. Thinking back how sprawled open i must have laid there, but i did not care i just wanted to feel them. I could not wait for the next touch.... My husband laid over me and kissed me i felt his cock hard and pulsing against my sex i massaged myself into him wanting him to slip in. I was wet wet wet. He then went down and licked my clit over and over i new i could not keep a climax at bay. And why would i need to. Mr. B told me to open my mouth. I did as he said. He said sweetheart bigger. He put the tip of his cock on my lips and slowly pushed his cock deeper into my mouth my climax was so close and my husband stopped. I heard him say "Fuck that is so sexy" He told me baby suck his cock like you are starving. And at that point i thought is was. My husband finely with a slow slide thrust his cock into me. I could feel his cock pulsing as he was watching Mr. B fuck my mouth. He thrust so hard that i exploded into a massive orgasm. As i wanted to scream Mr. B thrust his cock deeper into my mouth.

Hubby took me from one orgasm to the other. I started to sound as if we were fucking in a shallow pool. He just kept going harder and harder. Almost like angry sex. My one hand broke free from the restraint i wanted to touch him so badly. But Mr. B pinned my hand down. Saying not yet. As what felt forever hubby was near his orgasm Mr. B held me down and my husband pulled out and covered me with his warm cum. O God that felt so good. As i just laid there. I asked if i may be untied now? All i got was a no. My husband brought a warm cloth and cleaned his cum. Then he went down on me again. I said o God i think i am dehydrating. After he made me squirt as if i was trying to soak the floor. He stood up. He filled his mouth with water and put his mouth over mine. He asked if i needed more. Yes my throat was dry. He gave me more water and then I felt hands on my knees. With my eyes closed my senses were on top form. This was not the touch of my husband. Mr. B pulled me down to the edge of the bed. He felt with his fingers if i was wet enough. He gave a wicked laugh. Then i felt his body moving between my thighs.

Dear God it was happening. No there was no more turning back. He was gentle at first. I wanted more. Now. My husband said "Baby tell me how much you want his cock now." Hitting me back to the moment. I said quite softly yes i would like it. Mr. B continued to tease the lips of my sex with his hard throbbing cock. At that point i could go insane. My husband said again. " Baby i asked how much do you want to feel his cock deep inside you?"

Then i new as he said wright in the begging. I know the truth i want to hear you say it. At that point i was way past any control. Mr. B teasing my sex and my husband kissing and caressing my breasts. I heard a voice leave my mouth that even i did not recognize. "For fuck sake. Fuck me fuck me hard. I want to feel his cock so deep in me." My husband flew up from the bed he was over me kissing me like crazy. Mr. B first went slowly then he started to thrust. Deeper and harder. I was yelling. My husband muffled the sounds that escaped my lips with his mouth. I could feel with every thrust Mr. B made into me how hard my husband was getting against me. Now i was begging them to untie me. I needed to touch.... So they did. When hubby opened my eyes his eyes were darker blue that the deepest of oceans. He smiled and looked over to Mr. B and said now fuck her rely hard. Dear God. Mr. B had my ankles over his shoulders and he was ramming into me. I looked over to my husband and he just assured me. Enjoy it baby..... O God and i did. Mr. B gave a growl one that i can still hear as he came hard. My body was paralysed. I just laid there and Mr. B on top of me. feeling the sweat of his chest on mine. His breathing subsided and he laid on the bed next to me.

Hubby brought us some wine. I flipped over on to my belly and then I gulped the wine as if i drank this experience. As i slowly stood up and slipped on a loose nighty . I needed to go outside i needed air. And i never needed a sigarette like i did at that moment.......

As i entered the room and went to the bathroom i needed to freshen up. My hair was a mess. For once i rely did not care but made myself a little more presentable. I thought this was it. Soon it will be the good bye's.... Fuck was i wrong.

On my entry back into the room. The 2 men were laid back talking about life, business and more. Mr. B laid on the one side of the bed and my husband on the other at the bottom of the bed. I laid my head on my hubby's chest. For some reason i needed to feel his heart beat. My legs were towards the top of the bed. Mr. B tickled my calves moving towards my thighs. My husband started to caress my breasts again. What happened next was just insane. How was it possible. They were as ready as when we walked in the door the first time. Mr. B Started to message my clit with his thumb. My body reacted immediately. He slipped his fingers in me. I squired over his hand. Then he pulled his fingers through my mouth and said hot wife taste yourself!!!!!!! It must have aroused my husband like crazy as he ordered me to open my mouth and started to thrust his cock in and out my mouth. He then told me to lay over Mr. B and suck his cock. Witch i did. They both just tasted so good. As i had my right hand around his cock and my mouth over the rest. He tangled my hair in his fingers and thrust my head down. His cock going deeper into my mouth with every movement. My husband lifted me from behind and started to fuck me insane deep and hard. We had a perfect motion going. When hubby came i thought his veins burst. It felt so good as if a volcano burst. As i noticed both men were wearing condoms the cum that was running down my leg was mine.

My husband said that tight cunt of yours is so wet. Let's not waste it. And i went and sat on Mr. B. I slid his cock in slowly. But by all the action that i just had by the 5th thrust my body could not and I collapsed on top of him. He flipped me right over in one fast move and with his hands he lifted my ass slightly, my legs between his. He slid his cock back into my pussy. He pounded me so hard as i caught my husbands eyes. He gave me a way to sexy smile and i had an orgasm. Mr. B said now you are going to cum again how wife this time with me...... And we did.

This time i just laid there unable to move. My skin felt soft as if it had a shimmer. As the 2 men started to clear their condoms and papers and search for clothes i could only pull my nighty down. But fuck it was wet. I could not care. I laid there in all the wetness around me. Proof of Mindblowing orgasms and squirts. Mr. B had a shower got dressed. He slipped onto me on the bed kissed me soft and thankful. The only words he spoke. Was see you soon again hot wife.

And he left.

My husband ran me a hot bath and washed and caressed my body. His Godess. He then dried me and made passionate love to me. Claiming my body as his. The orgasm that he gave me with his care and passion was the best i have ever experienced. My best friend the love of my life.

More exp in Part 4