08 Feb 2017

So I thought to share this extra. As it is quite something to share.

Since becoming a part of this lifestyle and sharing some of the stories, some wondered if sex at home with just me and Hubby will still be exciting. Must say before we embarked on this adventure I also wondered about that?

But what laid and waited after each great play..... Exceeded my wildest imagination.

So tonight we sit in the Braai area and enjoy some wine chatting about our day. Chatting on SH site and Whatsapp. Talking to the kids just a normal evening at home. And as per usual we both know that when we enter our bourdoir something exiting will happen. As we battle to just go to bed and sleep. We need separate rooms for that.

But for some reason this night turned into more than our usual rendezvous:

Hubby went for his shower as I sat in the room still chatting away in the chat room. As he entered our room with only his towel and i sad on the floor he stood in front of me and lined his cock up to my face. His cock was hard and pulsing. Man and he knows that is something i do not let go to waste. So i pulled down the towel and took his cock into my mouth. Indulging in his unique taste. As i at first only took his tip and teased him with my lips, i could feel the muscles in his ass starting to contract with my every move. His cock got harder and the veins started to pulse as his arousal grew. Every now and then i would look up at him and see his face in anticipation for what was to follow. This makes me smile. So had my hand around the base of his cock lightly applying some pressure. Lightly sucking the length of his cock and massaging the bottom with my tongue. His precum tastes divine. As his body started to shake as he was entering an orgasm i applied more pressure to the base of his cock not allowing him to cum. He collapsed onto our bed trying to get a breather but no I was Wright there sucking his cock, milking his every drop. When i could feel the build up and he was going to cum i pressed my breasts onto him and felt his warm cum running down my nipples. O how I love the feel of that. His only words were fucket babes.

Feeling very impressed with myself for still being able to make my man weak in the knees i retaliated and ran myself a well deserved bath. As i sat in the bath seeing him sprawled out on our bed enjoying the after effect i could only smile. But fuck looking at him made my arousal triple.

At this point i found myself not only washing my body anymore i was massaging my clit just looking at him. He caught onto my breath changing and just lifted his head and said. “Fuck women no you don’t. Get your wet pussy out of the bath now.” Loving the demand in his voice I Obeyed. (I am sure he wishes that i will be this obedient in all aspects of our life together.)

As i was about to lie down he grabbed me and through me to the bed. It was quite unexpected but it made my arousal for him grow instantly. He then put his lips over mine, not his usual tender kiss but he kissed me hard like he wanted to devour my face. Fuck i love a good long tasty kiss. He started to slowly moving down towards my breasts with his mouth kissing and caressing my skin. My whole body had goose bumps at his every touch. I just love his strong hands touching my body.

As he sucked and nibbled on my nipples, who at this point wanted to burst from excitement, he started to massage my clit. “Fuck me please” is all i could say as i could not wait to feel his very hard again cock deep inside me. Wait was his only answer. By now i was wet dripping and ready. “I want to first taste you”.. O God and so he put his lips to my clit i could explode there and then. He gave me light sucking and he enjoyed the swelling he could feel in his mouth. “ Please just fuck me” i requested again. “ I said wait.” He then tongue fucked me wile massaging my clit with his thumb. No matter how hard i tried to contain myself and not orgasm now i could not hold any longer. My body was shaking as my orgasm rolled over me. It was so powerful and amazing and felt almost overdue. Just as my body started to relax i wanted to lift his face to mine but he pinned me down and said “ Do you think i am done babes?” I tried to protest wanting him to fuck me. He just kept me pinned down with his extremely strong arms.

When he feels that i don’t fight him he releases his hold and just continue to devour my pussy. Making me squirt all over his chest. At this points i though i have no more liquid in my body to release. But he did not think so. He would just repeat the process over again. At this point it felt as if everything around me was soaked.

He then slid up against my body, using my fluids as a lubricant. O God his skin against mine feels so smooth and warm. He pinned my hands down and circled his chest over my bursting breasts. By now i was begging him to slide his cock into me. Please Please fuck me now Please. “ Ok baby now you may have my cock.”

He slid into me slowly getting my sex to accommodate him. Not letting my hand go and our fingers tangled into one another he kissed me tender and sweet as lovers who still lust each other do. Slowly and passionately making love to me. As he pulled his mouth away. He said. “ taste how sweet you taste.” This took me over the edge. Till this moment i have no idea if i had an orgasm or squirted but my body turned to fire at the feel of what happened and i pushed him out.

“O no baby you don’t” He then flung my weak legs over his shoulders and started to pound me. At one point he covered my mouth to muffle my screams. He went deep and hard. This was not making love anymore. This was filled with lust fucking. And i loved every stroke. I held my next orgasm as long as i could. When we both had properly one of the biggest orgasms together he collapsed onto me. His sweat mixing with mine. His chest bouncing up and down on me.

I wrapped my legs around his body. My arms around his neck and gave him a real bare hug. He kissed me all over my face. When i caught my breath is said. “ Love that was the most amazing love making/sex/oral i have ever had.” He replied “ It sure was I love you.” “ No baby i love you more.”

We stayed like that for a while. Enjoying our body’s becoming content.

After a wash and changing some linen we got back into bed. As he curled up behind me i could feel his cock move. “Fuck no its 2h00am” He burst into laughter and said “Ok. I will pinch my cock to behave.”

Cuddling and loving the feel of his strong arms around me i fell asleep. Knowing that no matter what our Journey has been up to know, he will always be my best lover.