Written by Iluvwatching

10 Jul 2018

We wanted to get together again in that week, but the weather looked to be pretty miserable (cold and windy, so not really suitable for our usual outdoor fun), and the cat was refusing to go away again… So we needed to make another plan…

A long time ago we discussed wanting to have fun at the movies, and had decided to put it on our bucket-list for a suitable occasion. So when I suggested that we go to the movies that day, you jumped at the idea! East Rand Mall seemed the most convenient venue, where we weren’t too likely to bump into people we know, and I Googled the movies on circuit there, and their starting times. There was nothing we particularly wanted to see, which really didn’t matter, as we didn’t actually intend watching too much of the movie anyway… In fact, we wanted one that not too many other people would be interested in watching either… The quieter the movie-house the better, as far as we were concerned!

You had stuff you needed to do in Pretoria first that day, but thought you could be there at ERM by about 10:30… But the others let you down, and it was nearer 12 by the time you got there. But that was fine, as the earlier movies were more kiddie’s movies, and there were quite a few parents or grandparents with pre-school kids queuing for those. At 12:30 there was a scary violent movie with a 16 age restriction, which suited us just fine.

You’d mentioned the possibility of wearing a dress or skirt for the occasion, but the weather really wasn’t suitable and questions might have been asked. You arrived wearing tight jeans and boots, and a jacket over a jersey over a cammy top, and we knew we would be needing to do a bit of undressing!

With embarrassed smiles we asked the lady at the ticket counter if they had any “love-seats” available in the back row (shows how long ago we last went to the movies!). She said that they don’t have them anymore, but that the back row was all open, and we could have any seats we wanted. Very few people seemed to be buying tickets for this movie. We booked the seats right in the middle of the row, but when we went in we decided to shuffle along the row further into the corner away from the aisle, which seemed as if it would be more private (in retrospect, not such a good idea!), you sitting just a seat away from the wall (giving you somewhere to put your things down on the seat next to you), me next to you and closer to the entrance aisle.

The wall lights stayed on through all of the adverts for the forthcoming attractions, and it was a lot brighter in the movie-house than I had imagined, but you still took the opportunity of our relative privacy at the back to remove some items of clothing, including your bra. A few patrons came in, and sat in rows ahead of us…. Yay! All seems to be going well so far!.... Then just before the adverts ended, a single woman entered, looked around, and then came and sat down in our row, in one of the seats we had booked! Damn!!! NOT what we wanted!! She sat down, and was immediately busy on her phone, reading or sending messages… why the hell did she have to come and sit in our row, with the movie-house being so empty? And she doesn’t even seem too interested in the movie anyway!...

The wall lights dimmed to a faint glow, and the movie started. She kept on at her phone… we wondered if she might possibly get up and leave…. But she didn’t, remaining there four seats from us, half-heartedly watching the movie if she wasn’t busy on her phone. C’mon lady! Why bother to be there at all? You’re just spoiling our fun!!

We had both brought towels, and a plastic refuse bag to protect the seat upholstery (because we knew there was a good chance we might make a mess!), and you had spread the bag and a bigger towel on the seat before sitting down. We had removed our jackets, and you had removed your boots and undone the zip on your jeans and eased them off your bum during the adverts before the lady had arrived, but with the open jeans still partially covering your thighs… I could just about touch your pussy, but you couldn’t spread your legs enough to make it easy and pleasurable!

I could see our neighbour lady out of the corner of my right eye, which meant that we would be in her peripheral vision too if she was not concentrating on the movie or the phone. And we were not there intending to be on public display – the last thing we wanted was for her to call the manager because we were being “indecent”, or even maybe use her ever-handy phone to take a photo of what we were getting up to!

I felt for your boobs with my free hand. You moved your cammy top up, exposing your bared boobs, and I found your very prominent nipples already hard and aroused, just the way I love them to be!

In the darkness you discretely eased your pants down further, to your ankles, exposing your thighs and freeing your knees. You asked for my towel, which we then used as a sort of “skirt” to cover your lap. I crossed my legs, and placed the hand closest to our neighbour on my knee, trying my best to block her view of our activity as much as possible, all the while hoping that she would move to another seat or maybe receive an important message and end up leaving the movie-house (neither of which happened!)….

With your pants now around your ankles, you could spread your knees, you slid forward a bit on the seat, and my fingers found their way to your pussy, finding it wonderfully wet to the touch! Fortunately the sound of my fingers probing your wetness was covered by the noise of the movie soundtrack, but your moans were getting progressively louder as I fingered and rubbed and did the things you enjoy, seemingly very loud in my ear every time the movie soundtrack went quiet... We kissed most of the time, as this was a way of keeping your moans as quiet as possible! You came, a number of times during the course of the movie, clenching my hand between your thighs each time. And every time you squirted, the towel under your bum got wetter and wetter due to the tilt of the seat…

You were playing with me through my jeans… I had not been brave enough to remove them with the lady sitting there. But you wanted more… Surreptitiously, slowly, making sure not to attract attention, I unzipped, and then eased my pants down a bit too, not as far as you had yours, but enough for you to free my cock and play with the pre-cum oozing from me, wanking me gently, my cock and your hand mostly hidden from her view (hopefully!) behind my outstretched arm and raised leg. We both knew that if you were to attempt to give me the blowjob that I love so much and wanted so badly, that there was no way we could hide the bobbing movement of your head, and it would be very evident to our neighbour what was going on in our little corner. And so we resigned ourselves to a gentle hand-job… and with the presence of the stranger lady so close by, and the movie playing, I did not expect that I would be achieving an orgasm… I fact, I was resigning myself to the idea of us having to go and sit in the car in the parking area after the movie, maybe moving to a quiet corner, and letting you finish off the job there…

But then I felt my climax starting to build, slowly, inexorably… I eased my shirt up higher, out of the way of what I knew was to come. I fortunately had a small cloth handy, and held it at the ready, so that as my orgasm started I was able to catch some of the cum in the cloth, and then use the cloth to wipe away the rest of the mess from my tummy, and not get too much of it on my clothes…

The lady in our row didn’t seem to notice what we were doing, or if she did she didn’t make a fuss about it, but also didn’t indicate in any way that she knew what was going on. Maybe her phone messages were just too absorbing!

I turned my attention back to you and your pussy, and again you squirted and orgasmed some more as we continued to “enjoy” the rest of the movie….

And then the big screen went dark, and the credits started to roll. Under cover of the darkness, as others were standing up to leave, you stood up and quickly pulled up your jeans… The lady in our row was fortunately one of the first to leave, turning her back on us as she exited. We waited until the movie-house had cleared, and then quickly got our clothes and ourselves back into a “decent” state before the staff came in to start cleaning up. The towel on your seat was soaking wet, as was the back of your blouse from the accumulation of your moisture on the plastic bag underneath after nearly two hours of ongoing pussy play. Fortunately your jacket hid this evidence of our naughtiness and pleasure as we walked out.

I needed to head for home, while you still had some time to kill. We dumped your bag with the wet towels and our plastic “seat protector” in the boot of your car, and said our goodbyes. As I left, you headed back into the Mall, straight to the Lingerie shop, and tried on and bought a couple of new bras, using the opportunity in the change-room to replace the one you had removed for me in the movie-house (it’s relatively easy to remove a bra surreptitiously under cover of semi-darkness, but a lot more difficult to replace one without it being very noticeable as to what you are doing!). And the new bras you bought and subsequently modelled for me are of a lovely soft fabric, where your nipples stand out prominently the moment I touch you…

What was the movie about again? I really am battling to remember, but I certainly know that we both thoroughly enjoyed our time together at the movies that day!!!