12 Jun 2017

My wife and I had very good friends whom we met regularly for a get together.

Sex was never part of our conversation. I was transferred to the Cape and we lost contact with them. After three years we were back in Johannesburg and looked them up. We discovered that they were divorced and she was living alone.

I called her and she invited me over. I told my wife and she loved the idea of me fucking other women and told me to go. I drove over to her house where we chatted for a while, when she suddenly walked up to me and kissed me. I was quite surprised as I was assuming I would have to make the first move. I grabbed her and kissed her and slowly started to unbutton her blouse while her hands worked on my belt. it seemed like a long time but we were on the bed naked.

I slowly started sucking her nipples. Slowly I worked my way down to her cunt which was sopping wet. I licked her clit, which was sticking out like a small penis, very slowly. She moaned and she came twice. She sucked my cock till I was ready to explode when I put my cock into her and after a short time I squirted a massive load into her. I went home told my wife about the experience and we fucked like teenagers.

We decided to ask Gladys if she would like to spend a night at the hotel in Warmbaths with us, she agreed. We booked a room on a Wednesday and drove to the hotel. we checked in and after dinner went down to the pool. There was not a soul around. We were soon all naked in the hot water touching and playing with each other when suddenly she went under the water and sucked my cock. I was watching my wife and she was horny as ever.

The two girls went down the slide in the nude. It was a great turn-on seeing them run around in the nude. We suddenly saw a young Indian fellow walking about, and decided to go up to our room, where we played poker where the winner nominated what he or she wanted the other two to do. My request was for both girls to suck my cock together,and it was wonderful. My wife loved watching me mount Gladys and Gladys made me mount my wife.

We put away the cards and started playing together.I then had the lying next to each other and I took turns fucking one while sucking the other. After making Gladys climax a few times I shot my load into her and she was so exausted she went straight to sleep. My wife and I fucked for hours before eventually going off to sleep.

Our first time was a memorable experience for both of us.