Written by Miss. Darkness

09 Apr 2016

You have probably heard so much about the first time swingers on here but for some reason I feel the need to put our story on here.

We had been having some trouble and being paranoid I have to say that I had some reservations. On my way to work I walked down a somewhat unsafe alleyway and because it was a school day I assumed most parents would be out and about dropping off the kids and getting ready for the day, today however was different and when I say different I mean that no one was busy around the alley. I walked down and saw a old man taking a dump at the end of the alley way. Long story short he tried to rob me. After a long day at work I got home slept for a bit then and then started getting ready for the evening W and I had planned with C and R. (That is what we will call them) I dressed up in a short little black corset like dress with a pair of heels and I applied my make up. W also got ready in a pair of jeans and a shirt.

We quickly ran off to Woolworths and grabbed a bottle of wine with some strawberries and cream as we were instructed to bring dessert and drinks. After nearly being robbed that morning I was very nervous and all the stories I ha read about serial killers inviting people to their homes and then killing them was running through my mind. I am a very paranoid person by nature and that morning didn’t help much.

We arrived at C and R’s place and after the usual initial awkwardness we all got along really well. C and I being both women hit it off comparing our wardrobes and C trying on my dress. She looked really good in it. I have to say that my pussy was dripping when I saw her in that little black dress of mine. She is an amazing woman that was sexy without even trying. R and W also hit off and they were talking and having drinks. We made dinner ate and then we decided to take a drive down to the beach. C and I were both wearing very short dresses with no underwear. Every so often we would bend over and gave the men a peak of our pussies.

After a nice few hours of hanging out on the beach and making the men very very horny we went back to their place and just relaxed. Before I knew it R was kissing me and putting his large hands under my dress. W and C moved to the bedroom and R and I stayed in the sitting room. It started out as some heavy petting and very soon I was on my knees with his nice long cock in my mouth. He was a bit longer than I was used to and so it didn’t all quite fit into my mouth but either way I loved sucking him off. I stood up and pulled of my dress to make his access easier and he very quickly put a finger in my pussy and started to finger me. I loved the sensation of it and when I was very close to coming he pulled his finger out and put in his cock. Somehow I managed to fit all of him inside me and he waited a moment to let me adjust and when he started moving I was in heaven. He went slow at first and then he started picking up the pace. At this point I was soaking wet and very close to coming. We both heard sounds coming from the bedroom and we figured that W had just made C come. R pulled out of me and then bent me over and took me doggy style. I came and he groaned himself and also came.( I am pretty sure at some point or the other W and C came to have a look at us but I cannot be too sure about this as I was focused on R. I am also pretty sure I left a few claw marks on his back as well if I did I am sorry, R)

I will post the rest of our night at a later stage.