10 May 2017

The day came with an unexpected call saying let's meet up during the day.. Our flat was available and we both were free..

Mr cane over with a bottle of wisky and a few ciders at 11 am And I said ish drinking so early and ur goes Mrs saying why not as we got no plans and no kid for the next few days.

As the wisky was getting drunk by the men wife decides to have a cider from the bottle sitting and chatting how good the first few sex sessions were I just grabbed misters crouch and feel him semi hard so I made a joke saying poor boy ur wife did not give u this morning and miss started laughing.. Mr with a big grin on his face say myob and grabs me by my cock like to teenage boys so I grab his head and start kissing him and Mrs just looks on.. I then looked at Mrs and say to mr today u gowing to cry.

We all undress while still drinking walk to the room and next min minute I turn I see mr and Mrs kissing so I watch a bit.. Seeing Minsters erect cock tru his undies I said come lay on the bed and there he was already wet with precum..

Mrs starts sucking my cock and me sucking on misters cock while fingerings wife's pussy I almost lost control so a i say Mrs let me lick ur pussy and he suck my cock. as I was sucking Mrs pussy I lift her buttocks a bit and shove my stiff cock in her pussy pumping gently while she sucking cock..

Mr asks am I getting some pussy I said in time.. WE fucked for about 30 to 35 mins and I cud see Mrs was a bit tired so I said let's get a drink... I pour us 3 a drink and go to the room and I see Mrs and Mr kissing so I gap my self in and all 3 off us kiss trying to get 2 tongues in one mouth.. Mr says stop I wana eat some pussy so I say u both 69.. Mr at the bottom wife on top and me doggy mmm.my cock in a pussy and my balls getting lick for about 20 mins.. Mr says I need to fuck pussy so wife goes revise cowgirl and I start to lick clit and shaft or the cock wile playing with Mr ass next min I'm so excited I decide to lick. Misters ass he starts moaning with pleasure so I just get in and start rimming him making his ass wet...

He gets so excited he is ready to blow his load so wife pulls out and he shoots his load..

Me still hard I ask them both to suck me witch was great one mouth on my balls the other one my cock I grab Mrs turn her around put her legs on my shoulder and ram that pussy with excitement I shoot my load deep in her dripping pussy..

We so exhausted that we all 3 lay in each others arms.. I say mr next time that ass won't be left alone the reply was, its all urs as long as I get pussy and cock from my lovers..

For 3 years we had so much fun till mr had to say good bye as he got a job in Australia..

Now we hoping to find one mature guy not as a replacement for mr but a good friend that we can enjoy again...