25 Aug 2015

So we were keeping in contact with Mr T via whatsapp all the while. One evening we get a text message from him asking when are we going to meet and if we do was possible for him to bring along a female partner. For obvious reasons we inquired as to who this person would would be. He said it was Miss L. Cubby and Miss L have been exchanging chats as well so it was cool. The meet was set for next Thursday night, a week and a half away.

As you can imagine the excitement this date caused, our first MFMF encounter was around the corner but damn, still so far away. The wait was excruciatingly slow. Finally, Thursday morning arrives and we are both extremely excited that we only had a few hours to wait, that few hours seemed longer than the whole week that went by.

Finally 17.00 hours arrived, knock off time for Cubby, I pick her up at work and we head home to do some final sprucing up shower shave and such like. Now to wait for the text message that Mr T and Miss L were here. It came at about 20.30 indicating that they were outside and coming in. We meet them at the door and make the necessary introductions. Mr T was carrying a plastic bag which he put on the kitchen table. The bag contained a bottle of Red Heart Rum, A two liter coke and a bag of ice. A round of drinks was poured while we have some light hearted chats ranging from the days work to light sexual teasing.

Mr T suddenly said that he had an announcement to make. We all looked at him waiting and he said Miss L is not wearing any panties and as he said this he lifted her skirt to show her smoothly shaven pussy......wow it looked good enough to eat right there and then. It took a lot of will power from me not to rush forward and grab a handful.........slow down you dog you will have it all soon. So we went on chatting for a while longer. Cubby also had a peep and was visibly excited and she moved towards the room and went to sit on the bed with Mr T saying that it was unfair that Miss L had no underwear on and that she had and dared her to strip. She did so without any hesitation also revealing that beneath her jeans she too was not wearing any.

Now I am all horny and can't wait to get started, but I reign and to cool down I pour another round of drinks. Mr T and Miss now also move towards the bed and sit down, I follow carrying the drinks. I also see that Cubby's pussy is also clean shaven and shiny.......pussy glisteningly shiny and wet in the light. She now also removes he top showing her nipples hard and erect and Miss L does the same........wow boy oh boy. Mr T aso strips down but for now keeps on his T shirt, I too strip down all the way.

Now as stated earlier this was our first foursome so we not to clued up as to who would start and with who. Well, I took the initiative and suggested that Cubby give Mr T a Tantric massage which she eagerly agrees to. she grabs the bottle of oil, oils her hands and Mr Ts cock and start off with a slow sensuous massage and as she reaches the head she squeezes, She does this slow and sensuous and Mr Ts cock is almost rock hard from The attention it is receiving.

He is now breathing in gasps, eyes closed with enjoyment. Cubby is on her knees beside him and her pussy is visibly showing flowing juices. Miss L is aso showing signs of bliss and I reach over and give her a long sensual kiss as I run my hands down and cup her breasts, nipples hard and erect with excitement.......I stop kissing and run my tongue down her neck and start sucking on one of those erect nipples.......damn they feel so good as I brush my tongue over one then the other. My hands now start its own journey downwards ever so slowly as the comes to rest on her Venus mound.

My finger slides down between her soaking wet lips and come back up to start teasing her clitoris now almost just as hard as her nipples. I look up see her nipples are still as hard and erect as two Buckingham Palace guards........damn they look so good.......I come up and start sucking them again. She is now looking At Mr T and Cubby who is still stroking Mr T to paradise. He whispers something in her ear and she stops stroking him and lifts her leg over and guides his cock into her eager waiting pussy. She sits down on him in one motion burying his cock deep inside her, remaining still for a few seconds savoring the fee of him deep inside her. She starts to rock sideways and forward and then up and down, as she lifts up she is showing pussy juices that is streaming down Mr T's shaft to disappear between his ass cheeks.

Miss L is almost in second heaven as I am fingering her deep inside and stroking her g spot, also the added delight of watching Mr T's cock appearing then disappearing in Cubby's pussy. This is becoming to much for her as I feel her start to contract and then burst, my fingers still deep inside her now soaking wet with her cum. Cubby is riding Mr T like a bucking bronco and he pulls out from her and reaches over for Miss L to take his cock deep in her throat as he shoots his load. Cubby now lying on her back with her legs wide open is to much for me and I crawl over between her legs and ram my cock deep into her and start to fuck her like there is no tomorrow. I feel her start to to pinch and know she is about to cum as well. I increase my strokes pounding her hard and deep and pull out as I feel my bubble start to burst all over her stomach at the same she bucks and screams with pleasure as she comes.

We all lay in a heap for a while and I get up to pour another round of well deserved drinks, throats dry from all the fun. I come back give each one a drink and just lay back watching all. Cubby is lying on her back at right angles to Miss L's face. She asks Cubby if she could touch and Cubby

responds with an eager yes. Miss L puts her glass down and reaches over and starts to fondle Cubby's pussy. Miss L now starts to rub her pussy with vigor and she responds to her touch and moves her hips from side to side. Miss L inserts two fingers deep into her and starts to pump in and out getting Cubby to buck wildly to the pleasure.

Not wanting to be left out Mr T and I decide to join in again. Miss L is now finger fucking Cubby. She is on her knees between Cubby's legs her pussy blooming in the air as I position myself behind her and slowly inch my cock into her and start slow fucking her, enjoying every moment of her fairly tight pussy around my shaft. Mr T moves up to Cubby's head and kneels beside her and offers his cock to her which she eagerly takes in her mouth and starts to suck him with meaning.

I am pounding away at Miss L in an ever increasing pace as I feel myself cumming again and pull out to shoot my load over her back and I slump over her , spent. Miss L now moves down and start to give Cubby a well deserved tongue lashing, Cubby starts to buck as she comes all over Miss L's tongue, who laps up her pussy juice with eagerness. Mr T also pulls out of Cubby's mouth and once again aims his cock and enters Miss L's mouth as he cums in it.

Now we are all truly spent and just lay. After a while we all get up and move to the kitchen, the three of them to have as they say a well deserved smoke. I move to the tray and replenish our glasses once again. We spend about a half an hour joking chatting and enjoying our drinks and at the same time trying to build up some steam because I feel I can definitely have another round.....I'm as horny as hell.

But the ladies feel they now need to have more rest. After a while Mr T and Miss gets dressed and after another short chat say their good byes and leave. I walk them to their car and on my return Cubby is in bed a big smile on her face. As she said the last time, she wanted another go at him and she had it. We fell asleep in each others arms

Boy what a first experience in a foursome. We will definitely want to do that again sometime soon

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