Written by R

27 Mar 2016

“When did you guys become swingers?” I am often asked this when chatting with people online. It is a difficult question to answer as I can't pinpoint the exact moment it happened. In fact if you asked my wife of 23 years - I shall call her S - I don't think she would even consider herself a swinger. We don't do parties or hookups. What we have is a long term relationship with my best mate from varsity. I shall call him A, which somehow seems appropriate.

A has been my closest mate forever. We share everything, which now includes my wife. On campus he was quite the charmer and had several hot girls. We shared residence briefly where there were communal showers. This was when i first caught a glimpse of his limp 7 inch veiny cock. A is a mixed race (coloured) guy. He was in excellent shape with a slim toned body. This was in contrast to my darker skin (of Indian descent) and my rather small cock. When flaccid it is hardly noticeable amongst my thick pubic bush. Today I keep my pubis shaved which I feel makes my cock look bigger! When hard I am a solid 5 incher but thankfully quite thick. Despite our physical differences we shared many common views and passions. Back in the early nineties our different careers sent us in different directions.

I met S and it was proverbial love at first sight. We were quickly married and settled down in Durban. She was a virgin when we met and I had a little experience but was by no means a stud. Sex by exploration, that's what I can call it, was satisfactory but S rarely reached orgasm with penetration alone. She would require intense clitoral stimulation in order to come. It took us a while to figure that out. Today sex mostly involves her using a sex toy on her clit and me sucking on her pussy and ass while I run my hands on her petite frame and stimulate her 34b breasts. When she is almost ready to come I then mount her and quickly and vigorously fuck her. This technique works for us.

After college A had several relationships and different jobs. When the opportunity arose to emigrate, he took it without hesitation. Who could blame him? These were difficult times in our country. For several years we kept in touch via email. Every 3 to 4 years A would make a trip back to SA to visit family or attend some event. He always makes an effort to visit us and spend a few days when he is in the country. This is where our unique friendship slowly became a very special bond among 3 people.

S is very conservative coming from an orthodox family . Whenever I brought up the subject of swinging she did not like the idea at all. Yet when A was around she would often open up and tolerate his naughtiness. On one of his visits it was a typical Durban summer's day when we decided to take a dip in our secluded pool. He stripped down in front of S asking her if it was OK to skinny dip as he always wanted to do that. She was reluctant but did not say no. She kept her eyes on his cock and was clearly impressed. Her nipples were visibly hard through her swim top. I stripped off too and joined them in the pool. There was a lot of “accidental” touching and S was enjoying it. A’s massive cock bounced about as he swam. Later we got out of the pool and poured some drinks. We dried off but stayed naked. With a little coaxing S took off her top and A enjoyed the show. There was lots of flirting and sexy talk but nothing further happened on this visit. It would be 6 years later that I would share S with my best friend.

My wife was never keen to swing. After years of pestering she reluctantly agreed to meet other people through swinger websites provided we met casually first with no pressure on her. Also there was to be no swapping of partners and only same room soft swing. I agreed and we did meet a few couples. She is not bi so the women did not interest her. There was this one hubby who had a huge cock and we watched as he fucked his wife. Like a pornstar he pulled out to cum on her tits. S was so turned on that she reached out and milked the cum out of him. Her petite hand could not fit around his cock. This was the first cock other than mine that she had touched. I came inside her as I saw this. I soon realised that I loved to watch her with other guys. This developed into a cuckold fantasy which we role played when we fucked. I placed ads and we started meeting guys but S was not happy with the candidates. There was a guy that came to our house and gave her a sensual massage. She enjoyed it very much and reached out and played with his cock but refused a repeat appointment. I guess she did not want to take it further. Despite her enjoying making some of our bedroom fantasies into reality, she was steadfast that no other cock was going to have her.

Fast forward to March 2005 when A calls to say he would be visiting. We had been flirting with A on email exchanging raunchy pics. He was hot for my wife and reminded me of our skinny dip all those years ago. He asked me if it was OK to flirt with S and expose himself to her again. I agreed and gave him full permission to go as far as S would allow. In the weeks preceding A’s arrival, sex was fantastic and wild. In the heat of the moment I told S that I had offered her to A to do as he pleases. She came so hard and loudly that I thought she would wake the kids. But she would be remorseful afterwards about having such thoughts that went against her religious beliefs. I was optimistic yet not convinced that she would open up and drop her shield when A arrived.

I picked A up at the airport and took him home to dinner with the family. S was excited to see him and they hugged and shared a quick kiss. It had been a long flight and A retired early to the spare bedroom. The next morning while A slept in, we prepared for our kid’s birthday party. That evening after the party we tidied up and relaxed with some drinks. The kids were fast asleep so we chatted and flirted. S wore a modest summer dress which showed off her body. The talk was very sexual and A was clearly sporting a hard on which he made no attempt to hide. S eventually got up from the sofa and announced that she was tired and was going to shower and go to bed. A and I decided to have a night cap. While she was in the shower he asked if maybe he had offended her. He apologised if he had done so but that he could not help himself. He wished that he could go join her in the shower. I was so horny at that thought. I decided to go check on S. She had come out of the shower and was already under the covers. I slipped my hands in and found her completely naked. I ran my hand down her torso to a soaking wet pussy. I looked into her eyes and knew that this was going to happen. I asked her if she was ready to be fucked by A. She nodded as I continued to finger her. “Shall I invite him in?” I whispered to her. “ To come see what a slut you have become?” She moaned softly and nodded in agreement. I could not believe that my ultimate fantasy was about to happen.

I returned to A who was just finishing up his drink. I said “follow me!” He had no idea what was going on but he complied. We entered the bedroom and I shut the door behind us. S had turned the lights down low and was lying face down on her belly with her eyes closed and the duvet covering her body. She was feigning sleep and I could sense her nervousness. She would later tell me what a thrill she felt to be finally acting out our fantasy.

I slid the covers slowly off her body and A gasped at the sexy vision before him. He was still in doubt about what was happening but his hard on was trying to burst through his shorts. I said to him “Please help yourself to my wife - she is all yours! “ S opened her eyes and smiled at him. He did not require another invitation - in a flash he stripped off and climbed into bed. S shifted to the middle of the queen sized bed to make room for him - I shall never forget that motion because it was a welcoming and sexy gesture. I stripped off and joined them, sandwiching S between us. She was locked in a passionate kiss with A while she expertly stroked his cock, her fingers barely reaching around his girth. Her petite hand looked so small. His fingers entered her squishy pussy and she gasped. I spooned her from behind and massaged her breasts while kissing the back of her neck. She felt my cock pressing up against her butt and pushed back.

After a while she changed position to lie on her back and took both our cocks in her hands. It was my turn to French kiss her and A suckled on her erect nipples. Our hands explored her body and she was in heaven, moaning with heavy breathing. We continued our sensual threesome writhing together with our legs intertwined. For an instant I considered filming this sexy scene but we were lost in the moment. A then asked S to suck his cock. Without hesitation she opened wide and started sucking on his engorged dick. He then asked her if she liked his cock to which she mumbled yes. I then began eating her pussy which made her go wild. Then she stopped sucking and uttered the words to me that almost made me blow my load, “Go fetch a condom!”

I returned with the Durex and A slipped it on. His tone was different now - “I am gonna fuck this tight pussy now. Do you want this cock in you?” And my normally conservative wife, mother of my kids replies “Please fuck me! I want your cock inside me!” And then it happened - A took his position on top of my wife as she spread her legs wide. His massive cock looked angry as it bobbed up and down. Despite his size he slipped easily into her tight cunt as she “Ooooohhhhed” in delight. Once fully inside of her he allowed S a moment to adjust to his size. Then began the assault on her pussy - he fucked her relentlessly for the next hour or more as she moaned to at least 3 orgasms. I had never heard such sounds from her before nor had I heard such words from her. At one point during the onslaught his cock slipped out of her pussy and he asked me to put it back in. Of course it was a new feeling for me to touch another cock - I remember how heavy it felt like a large cucumber. I came all over my belly while watching. I left them to go clean up and get something to drink. When I got back they were still at it except S was on top and riding A like a pro. This went on until her legs were numb. They then went at it doggy style. This was like watching a live porn movie where I had front row seats. He pounded S from behind as she used the pillow to silence her screams. I was soon hard again and fed my cock to S. She enjoyed being spitroasted by 2 hard cocks and came again. She was now spent - her pussy was red and sore and she begged A to stop. She removed the condom and blew him until he shot the biggest load of cum all over his chest and belly. I came again with a few drops of cum that dribbled on to the bed. We all collapsed into a heap and cuddled as we drifted off to sleep.

Over the years we continue to see A when he visits or when we travel overseas. We try to holiday together in different parts of the world. I hope to write about some of these trips. Would love to receive feedback.