Written by indiancouple3

28 Jan 2015

We met her on a adult site and my wife and her got to chatting.

I left the two ladies to chat and make all the arrangements. One day i asked if i could join the chat and i told her what we would like to do with her sexually. I must have blown her mind cause we planned to meet 2 days after our steamy chat.

We made plans to meet at a hotel. When we got there I ordered some drinks and snacks. The lady arrived and then my wife and I had a shower. The lady had a shower after us. We waited in the room for her while I had a porn movie playing on the laptop.

She came out of the shower with a black outfit and as soon as she got to the bed my wife grabbed her and started licking her boobs. She then lay on the bed while my wife worked her way down to her pussy.

I then joined in and started licking her neck and nipples. She moaned with pleasure due to what we were doing too her.

Then it was my wife's turn to get the same enjoyment. She went down on my wife while I worked on her upper body.

I then moved over to the lady and started licking her pussy while she licked my wife's pussy. Her pussy was flowing with juices. She enjoyed that so much she came in my mouth. My wife then asked me to ly down on the bed while the two ladies licked my nipples and moved down to my bursting cock.

My wife licked on my balls and the lady suck on my cock. Their pussies were exposed so I fingered them both while they licked me. That's a triangle I will never forget.

Then I put on a condom and fucked the lady in missionary then she was on all fours. I then fucked my wife in missionary and then on all fours. I was ready to explode so my wife took of the condom and blew me till I came.

That was an experience we will never forget. Enjoyed it so much we looking for more