Written by Redrose_1

16 Feb 2014

I am sitting in the aeroplane flying to you; my stomach is full of butterflies. I reach for my safety belt and fasten it tightly around me as we start to descend, the butterflies seem to be getting worse, and my heart is beating faster, the bloods pounding in my ears. I anxiously look out the window and through the clouds I see roof tops and trees, I smile nervously and look further on and see the ocean with the sun shining on it, looks so calm and serene. I close my eyes and rest my head against the headrest, smiling I wonder just how we will react when we see each other for the first time.

I feel the wheels make contact with the landing strip and I grip the arm rests tighter. I breathe deeper and try to stay calm. The little girl sitting next to me mistakes my actions for fear and puts her hand on mine so as to show me some comfort, I look and her angelic face and smile at her, she smiles back and I see her two front teeth are missing, my heart swells as I return her smile and ask her what her name is, she replies very politely, “ My naam is Landi tannie en moenie bang wees nie tannie alles sal reg wees” I close my eyes as the plane stops outside the building. I stand up and reach for my hand bag and hand luggage. I move down the isle slowly. As I step into the bright sunlight I slip my sun glasses on and hesitate on the steps and look around taking in the magnificent view I see before me. Slowly I descend, on the out side I seem calm and serene but inside my heart is pounding and the butterflies are cooking up a storm. I walk across the tarmac towards the terminal. I remove my sunglasses and place them on top of my head as I enter the building.

I walk towards the door and try so hard to calm my nerves down, I push the door open as I look up I see you immediately, you are smiling and are standing to my left with a single rose, I smile at you and make my way towards you, as I get close to you you move out from behind the barrier, I am uncertain as to how I must greet you but you walk up towards me with that silly smile on your face, I can feel myself blushing. You stop just in front of me, hand me the rose and as you do so I start to say thank you but the words never leave my mouth as you come forwards and kiss me softly on my lips. I kiss you back and I feel your arms pull me towards you and automatically my arms reach up and encircle your neck. Our first kiss begins to deepen when I feel someone tug my dress.

Reluctantly we stopped kissing and I looked down to see little Landis toothless smile, I go down on my knees to hear what she’s saying she hugs me and whispers in my ear, “ Ek het vir jou gese tannie alles sal reg wees” She turns around and skips towards her mother, her golden curls bouncing as she skips, she turns once more and waves to us. I smile, stand up and look at you; I can see you are curious as to what has played out in front of you. I decide not to say anything rather not embarrass myself any further. You slip your hand into mine and guide me towards the exit and towards your car. I smile and begin to think I was silly been so anxious about our first meeting.

As we reach the car you start to open the door for me but pause and start to kiss me instead, gently pushing me against the side of the car. You kiss me tenderly, your hands on my waist slowly moving up until they enfold me, holding me tightly to you; your kisses deepen as I feel myself pushing myself up against your body. I feel as if I am losing myself in your arms. I stop kissing you and gently push you away telling you we are in the open and everyone can see what we are doing. You reluctantly release me, open the car door, I slide into the passenger seat. You gently close the door and walk around and climb in behind the steering wheel. You start the car and I hear the engine burst into action and start purring as she idles. I move closer to you and place my hand on your thigh, without looking at me you place your hand over mine, I feel your thigh muscles tense up as you change gears.

As we exit the underground parking the sunlight is so bright I put my sunglasses on again. I take advantage of the fact that you can’t see my eyes and I look at your face as you concentrate on the road. I look at your eyes and see laughter lines around the eyes, an indication of someone who loves to laugh. You smile sensing that I am studying you, as I turn away I notice a cute little dimple on your cheek, my eyes linger on your lips, they look so inviting, my heart beats faster and I blush slightly as I turn to look out the window, watching the trees and buildings go by. I watch you out the corner of my eye and see you also slip your sunglasses on. I know you are also studying me through the glasses, you squeeze my hand slightly and I turn and smile at you. You ask me if I was ok after the flight, wanting to know if I was tired or would I like to go out to dinner. You have booked us into a hotel for the night. I said I was a bit tired and would rather have a quiet night, just the two of us as we had so much to chat about. You smile and say its okay we will stay in and order room service. You start to point out land marks in the town, explaining the history behind them; I find it fascinating and listen intently to the history behind the town.

Before long we pull in front of the hotel, you climb out and walk around to open my door; you open the door and help me out. A bell boy comes to assist us with my luggage as we enter the hotel. You walk over to the reception counter and ask for the room’s key, you walk over to me slide your arm around my waist and guide me to the lift. The lift door opens and we step in, you manoeuvre me to the far corner, the people begin to enter the lift and soon we are on our way to the top. I feel you hand slip from my waist and rest on my bum cheeks and pull me closer to you. I can feel your body heat through our clothing, I smell your aftershave and its has a calming effect on me, I relax and enjoy the intimacy I find us sharing.

As the lift stops you usher me to the front of the lift and we make our way down the corridor following our bell boy. He opens our room door and stands aside and allows us to enter first, he follows us in and gives you the tour of the room. I make my way to the balcony, open the doors and step outside. The view before me is breath taking, I stand there allowing myself to absorb the beauty before me, I hear the waves come crashing down onto the beach, the children are having a wonderful time running around and playing on the beach.

I sense you standing behind me and I lean back slightly making contact with you, your arms fold around me, pulling me even closer to you. I can feel your warm breath against my neck as you kiss me on my neck, your hands moving up and cupping my breasts. I lean against you resting my head against your chest. Your fingers gently massaging my breasts. A soft moan escapes my mouth as I feel my nipples become erect and sensitive to your touch. You turn me around and kiss me passionately. Your hands move down from my waist and grab my arse; I involuntary chuckle as you do so and stop kissing you. Your lips move across my cheek and down my neck, before you can go any further I stop you and suggest we move inside as there were children on the beach. Reluctantly you stop what you are doing, and you guide me into the room, turn around and draw the curtains.

I make my way to the bed and sit on it. You turn around and follow me. You kneel down in front of me and slip my shoes off one by one. You gently push me down onto the bed. Your hands reaching up my dress to remove my stockings, I lift myself a bit allowing you to remove them with ease. I lay back and relax and enjoy the feeling of your warm hands stroking my thighs. You pull me towards you and put my legs over your shoulders. I moan as your tongue spreads my wet lips ands presses down on my clit. You slide two fingers deep inside me and you begin to finger fuck me as you continue to lick and suck my clit. I hold your head and press you deeper into me. You stop fingering me and your tongue starts to probe inside my pussy, tongue fucking me. I lay back and enjoy your tongue probing my wet pussy, you flick your tongue over my clit and gently suck it, and you suck a little harder, I start to moan louder. You stop, stand up and unbutton my dress and slip it off my shoulders, I sit up and allow the dress to fall off my shoulders and onto the bed. You unhook my bra and allow it to fall into my lap. You cup my breasts and tease my nipples with your fingers, you bend down and kiss me as you squeeze and pull them gently. Your kiss becomes more passionate as your hands massage my breasts, I slowly unzip your denim and pull the down over your butt, and pull them down, you lift your leg helping me to remove them, and finally they fall to the ground. You push me down onto the bed, your lips not leaving mine, your kisses become more urgent and demanding. You are now lying on top of me.

Your hand gently stroking my thigh moving up slowly along my waist up until your hand cups my breast, gently squeezing my nipples as you kiss me tenderly on my neck, moving over to my lips and kiss me passionately. Our kiss deepens as our desire for each other increases. You stop kissing me and your lips move across and down my neck leaving a trail of goose pimples in their wake not stopping until they reach my nipple. I moan softly from desire as your tongue teases my nipple. You suck my nipple tenderly your teeth gently nibbling and tugging at nipple, causing me to cry out loudly and encouraging you to continue but harder. I feel your hand stroking my inner thigh brushing against my pussy ever so lightly causing me to gasp out loudly. You continue to stroke me close to my pussy, teasing me and driving me crazy with desire, I push my hips up hoping to make contact with your evasive hand. You chuckle and make sure I do not succeed. Finally you slip your finger into me, feeling the warmth and wetness of me as you do so. Your finger rubbing my clit so softly, slowly my clit becomes swollen and ultra sensitive to your touch. You slip two fingers into me and slowly start to finger fuck me, I tell you to fuck me harder, you hear me and thrust your fingers deeper and harder into me until I cry out louder. I feel fluid rushing from my body, down until it reaches the bed, within seconds the bed below me is soaking wet. I ask you to fuck me, you stop stand up and pull me closer to you, you slip my legs over your shoulders and I feel your throbbing, engorged cock enter me and thrust deeper into me, your hands holding my thighs as you thrust deep into me. I cry loudly as you thrust deeper and harder into me. You are watching my face as you do so, I look into your eyes as you thrust into me, and you break eye contact with me and watch my breasts as you fuck me. You can not resist reaching for my breasts cupping them and massaging them gently, I look into your eyes and see desire in them while you fondle them. You gently tug at my nipples twisting them slightly between two fingers, as your excitement increases you squeeze them harder until I cry out in pain. You hear me cry out in pain and it breaks the trance you are in, you stop fondling me. Your hands reach up for my legs and push them down against my body enabling you to penetrate me deeper and harder. You continue to increase the tempo and thrust harder and deeper into me. I reach out and hold onto your hips wanting more of you in me. You sense what I am wanting and fuck me harder and deeper; I meet you thrust for thrust. I feel your muscles tensing up and know it won’t be long now. I dig my nails into your bum cheeks pulling you closer to me. You lower your body closer to mine; I open my eyes to see your face just above mine. I see the lust and desire that I am feeling reflected in your eyes, I smile and lift my head to kiss you; you return my kisses with such passion. I feel your body begin to shudder as I feel a wave of pure ecstasy wash over my body, my nipples harden and I have goose pimples on my body. You thrust faster and deeper into me as I feel you shoot deep inside me. You continue to thrust into me not wanting this to end, I slip my legs out from under you and wrap them around your waist still meeting you thrust for thrust. My nails digging into your shoulders as I feel the intensity of our climax begin to wear off. You lower yourself onto my body, all the energy drained out of us both, you kiss me on my neck as you do so and whisper “I love you’ in my ear. We lay in each others arms completely spent and very content. You roll off me and pull me into your arms not wanting to lose contact with me, holding me tight to you as if your life depended on it. We fall asleep in each others arms contents and extremely happy.