Written by White hot Couple

27 Jan 2015

The Mrs wanted to try a mfm 3some with an Indian gentleman. We chatted to a few guys on this site but unfortunately we could find an Indian guy because a lot the guys are bullshiters and picture collectors.. However we where about to give up until we got a message from an Indian gentleman. He message was polite and according to the Mrs is good looking.

I chatted to the guy for a while before we arranged a meeting and keeping the Mrs updated with pics and our chats. During our chats he had a vast knowledge and could hold a conversation. He was very patient, understanding and did not push the issue of meeting. The Mrs was not ready to meet the guy and I persuaded her for us to meet the guy. We met for dinner at a restaurant and we were nervous as we didn't know what to expect. From previous experience with guys they don't say and act the way they say. The Mrs was impressed with the guy he was punctual and had already organised a table in a spot that we could chat.His pictures was exactly of what he sent even his cock pic.lol. Our meeting lasted for the entire night until the restaurant had to close. We didn't play that night and he didn't push the playing issue too. When we got home he messaged us to check if we where safe at home. We continued chatting to this guy and decided to meet this guy again. We again set a date for dinner and at a restaurant. We chatted for a bit and it was for the first time my Mrs was so comfortable with a guy chatting and laugh. The guy got up and went to the bathroom, I asked her what does she think of him and she said he has turned her on by just chatting to her. She was keen on playing with him that night unfortunately our house was not available as the kids where at home with my mother-in-law.

When he came back I told him that the Mrs is keen on playing tonight but we have no venue. He suggested we go to his place but the Mrs was not comfortable with that idea, he picked up that the Mrs was not comfortable and suggested to us let just have coffee at his place and if she not comfortable we can arrange a suitable time when we are free. So we go to his place.

The Mrs was very impressed with his place, it was clean, private and safe and she even complemented him on how clean his place is for a gentleman. We had a cup of coffee and the chatted at little more. The Mrs was very relaxed with this guy and she even moved over to where he was sitting. He offered to massage the Mrs and she did not obligate to that. He told us he had trained as an Indian massage therapist. According to the wife his hands was like magic. we moved from the lounge to his bedroom even that was clean as a whistle. He offered the Mrs a Yoni massage and she has never heard of that massage before and he said it is a massage for the pussy. He massaged her pussy, it was the first time I saw my squirt she was moaning from pleasure like never heard before. She was so horny she actually was pleading with him to fuck her.

He undressed and he was hard. His cock was probably at 20cm and the Mrs blew his cock like I never seen before.According to the Mrs he has an amazing tongue as well when he went down on her. The Mrs and this guy began to fuck and what a site I was sitting and watching them, it was so hot I had cum. He fucked my wife in every position possible, talk about knowing the kama sutra and he did know how to it . We ended up playing for hours until the sun came up. Myself and this guy had turns with my wife. He made my wife's pussy so sore that when I got home I want to fuck her she told me that it is sore down there.

We invited him a few time to our place and we went to his after our first time and Mrs enjoyed being fucked by him. I would definitely recommend this guy for any white couple that wants to experience an Indian guy.