08 May 2018

NB. This is a factual story of real events, not like some of the exaggerated , fantasized stuff you see being posted under the factual category, This will be a series of stories of my sexual encounters over the last few years with my girlfriend. Don't expect wild , porn like scenes here as it's just two real people with real experiences.


It was out first date and like a majority of couples going on a first we decided to meet for a movie. I drove there and she got her sibling to drop her off. As we had been chatting via text for a while there was already a slight chemistry going on so there was no awkwardness when we first met face to face as we greeted with a hug and a kiss.

We got our popcorn and drinks and waited in line to enter the cinema , we chatted and laughed while waiting , almost creating even stronger chemistry in those few minutes. Mind you there was also sexual tension present as we had been sexting over the month or so prior to meeting. We got into the cinema and found our seats in the bottom corner , it was a quiet cinema as the movie we watched had been on circuit for a while so there were very few people in the cinema and we were far away from others. As we settled in we started kissing passionately as the lights went out, i told her to sit on my lap, she got up n hopped onto my lap and we continued to kiss, by now my cock was rock hard pressed against her ass and she knew it coz she wriggled her ass to tease me, we continued to kiss n caress each other for the rest of the movie but not much else.

Afterward i asked if she wanted to eat , to which she replied she was full from the popcorn but we could go and have coffee. So we went to a coffee shop in the mall where we both ordered a coffee and i got a slice of cake. we chatted and laughed for some time exchanging some innuendos and flirting with each other. By now she started to get abit more handsy and after a few minutes she leaned over and whispered into my ear " I didnt order dessert coz i really wana eat your cock" ...i wasted no time in calling the waiter over for the bill and getting us out of there and to my vehicle asap.

We rushed through the parking lot to my vehicle which was parked in a rather quiet secluded corner of the lot, i got into the driver side and she in the passenger side, i asked where she wanted to go , she grabbed my crothch and said right here is perfect. We locked our doors n rolled up the windows and started to make out. I put my hand under her top n went up to her bra and started massaging her breasts as we kissed. She moaned as i kissed her deeply and squeezed her breasts, i reached around and unhooked her bra and cupped her now freed boob in my hand , feeling her hard nipples in my palm as i gently massaged them. She started reaching for my zipper but i stopped her n made her lean back against the passenger door, I made her lift her ass up as i pulled her leggings down revealing her white panties that were clearly soaked by her pussy. I made her completely take off her leggings then made her lift her left leg up on dash board and right leg up onto my seat headrest so she was spread open infront of me with her soaking wet panties. I pulled them to the side and burried my face into her soaking wet shaved pussy and licked and sucked on her clit. She moaned as i ate her out and pushed my head harder against her sweet pussy, i got up and tried to push two fingers into her but she was too tight, i was only the 2nd guy she had been sexually active with so she was extremely tight. So i pushed in my middle finger and fingered her hot cunt while rubbing her clit with my thumb. as she started to get wetter and more loose i put my index finger as well and started to lick her clit as i fingered her, now she was so wet her inside of her thighs were wet as well as pussy juices running down her ass and soaking the passenger seat. Then i took my middle finger which was slippery and lubed from her pussy juice and i slowly slid it into her asshole as she gasped and moaned, i put my index finger back into her pussy and started to double penetrate her with my fingers hard and fast till her body went stiff and her pussy amd ass hole clenched onto my fingers as she orgasmed. She looked at me and giggled and took a deep breath, exhaled and said "your turn", i leaned back in the driver seat as she got up on her knees and bent over and undid my jeans n pulled them down with my boxers till my rock hard cock and balls were out. She spat on my cock and started to stroke it, spreading her spit all over the shaft and head, then she took the tip into her mouth and started to lick and twirl her tongue around it only taking it in as far as the top of her hand which was wrapped around the shaft. She was driving me crazy so i pulled her hand away and forced her head down making her deep throat my cock till she gagged and covered my cock in more drool. She looked up at me smiling , tears running down her cheeks from gagging as she continued to wank my cock which was now sloppy wet from her spit, she leaned down again but this time took my balls into her mouth and started sucking and licking as she continued to stroke my cock. I was getting close to cumming so i told her to suck my cock again and boy did she mil the cum out of me, she deepthroated and gagged on my cock and sucked hard till i emptied my cum into her mouth filling it up. She looked at me with her mouth bursting full of cum, spit all over her face make up messed tears running down her cheeks and in one gulp...she swallowed my entire load, it was at that moment i realised she was a keeper.

After we had got dressed again i walked her back into the mall and we waited for her sibling to fetch her. As she left i gave her a kiss and told her how i couldnt wait for our next date.

story on the 2nd date coming soon...