Written by indcpl4fun

24 May 2013

After an eternity :-) of chatting we finally BOTH agreed we would meet someone with a view of making our fantasy a reality. It was a mature white gent exprienced in the lifestyle. We arrived at his home full of butterflies( she more than me) We sat had wine and he put us at ease as we discussed the lifestyle. I guess the wine gave some courage and the mrs excused herself to slip into something more comfy( women must be prepared) She wore a sexy white number that showed of her heaving bossom and short enough to make u hard just trying to sneak a peek. She slid in on the couch between us resting a hand on his thigh and started to kiss me. As we kissed deeper i could see her hand massaging his member making it grow. He had slipped his hand into her lingere caressing her breast. She then turned and started to kiss him. I popped out the other breast and started to tease her nipple while spreading her legs a little to massage her mound. While still kissing him she undid his jeans and let out his throbing dick. She stroked it gently, kissing deeply holding my head as i sucked her breast( i swear this really was OUR 1st tym) Feeling his dick now rock hard she slipped down onto his lap and ran her tongue up and down his shaft teasing the tip before taking it all in her mouth. He had one hand on her head and the other caressing her breast. I sat in awe at this amazing woman still gently massaging her now aching mound. She then went onto the floor on her knees and motioned us closer together. She knelt stroking both our dicks and gave me the sexiest smile. She then took turns going down on our dicks whilst we just laid back. After an amazing oral she stood up held both our dicks in her hand and led us to the bedroom( honestly this REALLY was our 1st and she has only ever had me as a lover nd boyfriend) She put me on the bed and continued sucking me. She was on the edge of the bed with her behind positioned so invitingly. He needed no further invite and was already suited to enter. I peered to the side to see him move in hold his dick and tease her entrance with his tip before slpping it all the way in. She let out a moan of extacy as he started to build into a steady fucking rythem. OMG this was the most amazing oral she has ever given me. As his strokes became harder and deeper she sucked harder and deeper. I had to use all control not to blow my load in her mouth. Fearing i may not hold it anymore i slipped out from under her. She stopped abruptly thinking i wanted to stop there, asking ME if im ok ( gota luv this woman) i give her a smile and tell her she is so amazing. She then moves him under her and starts to ride him bending over so her busty chest is in his face. He obliges and sucks them as she sits on him. She motions for me to stand so i stand on the bed and she takes my throbbing dick into her mouth as she bounces up and down his shaft. Fortunately this guy is hung and full of stamina Wow this was getting too much for me to stop blowing my load so i pull out of her mouth. She continues to ride and kiss him for a short while then gets off him. She moves to the edge of the bed and instructs me to take her from behind while she sucks him. I move in and she is still nice and wet so i slip right in. I start slow trying not to get too xcited but no such luck. Hearing her moan, watching her suck so hard before i know it im fucking her deep and hard. The harder i thrust the harder she sucked. With one final deep thrust i blew my load in her. She moaned in extacy and brought her  sucking down to a licking pace until she jerked his load off.   Again, this was our 1st meet and ended up our 1st encounter. Was ages ago but still fresh in our minds. We had a few more encounters with our new friend but sadly he emigrated. As awsum as all the subsequent have been the first will always stand out.   I do not think i have done justice to this amazing woman and that night but i tried. To all those vain people that overlook certain women or couples coz of weight looks etc, u may deprieve yourself fromTRUELY amazing sexy experiences. But hey to each his own. Thanx babe, i will never wish to swing with anyone but you. You rock.