07 Jan 2019

My first foray many moons ago, a trip into the unknown. There was no website, no WhatsApp just a little “ST” booklet and a few sms’s. We planned to meet on a Friday evening and I drove all the way to Carnival City. The drive filled with many thoughts, what to talk about, what do they want to do, will I be able to, but mainly hoping I haven’t just taken my life in my hands.

We met outside and the “hello’s” etc exchanged and to my relief the husband did not waste time on chit chat. The Mrs was interested and he would just watch, I asked to double check and he said he enjoys watching.

Drove and followed them to their place. He said we should go ahead and get started he would slip into the room after a couple of minutes. I was sucking and licking her nipples hard when I heard him walk in and sit in the corner chair. I was hard already and focused on her large tits, no more nerves, I was going to put on a show and make her cum.

She wanted my cock and as I slid into her pussy, she moaned. We fucked changing positions, my cock sliding in deeper and faster as moans grew louder. I glanced in his direction two maybe three times, just silence as he watched and not touching himself.

She started begging for me to cum, I went faster, deeper building to cum, her loud moans not stopping until I exploded.

He got up and left. As I was leaving he thanked me and said it was great.

So it began...