Written by joek

15 Mar 2017

What a day I wont forget. I boarded the Gautrain to OR Tambo this morning at Centurion and like always it was packed.

We stood in the enterance at the door and in front of me was lady. Still dont know her name but we stood real close and we bumped a couple times as the train moved. She smiled at me and turned her back on me started brushing her bum agains my my hip. I instictively turned a little and then she brushed my cock and instant hard on. She felt it and i got so horny. She asked where i was going and i said OR Tambo She replied Rhodesfield. later she slipped her hand between us and gave my ever growing hard on a squeeze. At marlboro we got off to connect to nect train. She asked me what time was my flight. Well she realised im in no hurry. i joked and said if there was coffe shop we could go get a cup. She laughed and said she got better idea.

We went down escalotors to lobby and she led me to ladies room. we got in cubicle and started kissing she mumbled and said she doesnt do this but she hasnt had it in long time. I loostened her pants and slipped my hand in. she was close to smoothe about 4 days of beard down there. Apologised for not shaved but didnt bother me. I fingered her until she had good orgasm. she then sat on toilet positioend me and gave me the very best BJ i ever had. I didnt have to clean up as she swaloowed it all. the dried herself got dressed and walked back to platform and waited for train. stupid me we didnt even exchange numer or nothing. But shes married. saw the ring on finger.......

Ek gaan volgende week weer daai tyd trein ry dalk is sy weer op. lol