25 Jan 2019

So I had been chatting to Jane, not her real name for a few days and we sparked a connection so I suggested a meet.

Jane has been divorced for a few months and was tired of the traditional way of having sex and wanted to explore what the possibilities could be.

I chatted to her about interracial, 3ways, orgies, fetishes and kinks.

I suggested we meet on Thursday evening at a bar near a strategic location incase we sparked a connection.

She called for directions and in the distance I could see her arriving as I directed her towards me.

Jane was looked exactly like her pic ?white, medium height and rocked a great pair of boobs and tight ass. I went to open her door once she parked and gave her a tight hug so I could feel her up as well.

We went into the bar and ordered a drink and began chatting. I started completing her and her low cut top was not making my hard on more uncomfortable as it pressed against my stomach.

We started chatting about how open she was to trying new things and her openness of exploring everything sexually possible. She started asking me questions about my profile and encounters, which turned her on as she openly stated.

I stood up to discreetly adjust my erect ion to which caught her eye.

Our drinks had not arrived and the frustration in poor service had influenced our decision to go somewhere else.

She suggested her place but being within walking distance to aw, I suggested pushing her out of her comfort levels, too which she agreed too.

Abit weary she walked in and took my lead, browsing through the movie selection made her more horny to such a point that we just selected any video.

Going down the dark alley to the room made her concerned but curious about these hidden secrets she was not aware off.

We get into the room and she was shy and not sure what to do or where next from here, so I make her comfy and switch on the movie. I sit next to her and start caressing her body. I can feel her body tingling with every stroke that's I make on her body but she fights it to not give in so easily.

I eventually get behind her, pressing my raging cock against her, 1 hand squeezing her breast and the other almost at her honey pot.

I get there and it's so wet that my 2 fingers slide in ever so easily. Her Deep gasps of pleasure drives my sexual tension even more.

I move aside and take off my pants and thereafter remove her pants and panty. As I stand she grabs my cock and directs it to her mouth. She swallow me and it feels like heaven immediately. I'm very ticklish and it's been some time since I've had a soft comfy bj that just makes you feel like you are on cloud 9 and want to burst your load.

I start rubbing her clit and slid in a finger. I start rubbing and thrusting harder and I can feel her body tensing up whilst pushing my cock further down her throat until I feel her cuming.

She now wants my cock in her and I'm 2 minds about it. Do I give her or do I make her wait for the next adventure I have in store for her.

I eventually give in to her begging and decided to give her a teaser of what our next meet would be like. I slide in very slowly and the satisfaction on her face grows the deeper I go in.

Slow small strokes mixed with a deep 1 here n there just to keep things interesting. She locks her legs around me and starts to take control of me getting every inch of me inside her.

I can feel her getting ready to come again and I take back control and start slamming my body against her until I felt a gush or juices come out. I was ragging and wanted to come so I decide to slide into her heavenly mouth.

Jane asked if I'm always this adventurous? I replied I could get more...... Taking off her socks I took her feet and made her wank me off as I was about to come she requested I bast her tits with my hot jizz. Which I gladly obliged. We got cleaned up, dressed and I walked her to her car.

I thanked her for the evening and hugged her goodbye. She currently has the flu, so till out next encounter hopefully next week :)

As requested Jane, hope you enjoyed the read

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