08 May 2019

Open Marriage part 2.

Its been a year since the beach holiday and Jenny asked us if she can be part of Tanya and my fantasy world… So what have we been upto…

So we agreed we will share our sexual fantasies. Tanya was very excited as she sees Jenny as her big sister lol. Im just seeing two sexy ladies. So we came up with a plan. We would go to events and they will dress as sexy as possible. Then I will observe and give them feedback what the guys comments were and we will chat and make things up from there.

Both ladies been training hard and look amazing. At work no one knows Jenny stays with us nor that we are friends. We only see each other in meetings and her arrival is always the highlight of the meeting. The guys comments about the milf always makes me smile.. the one day she put on these freddie jeans… she had to present that day… All tye mens eyes were locked on to her sexy ass and legs… each time she turned her back to us “which we planned” I looked at the crowd. Even the ladies were looking. At one point she dropped something and as she bent over to pick it up even my dick wanted to break free from my pants. At another business night function she arrived in a very tight and sexy cocktail mini dress… a few men had hard dicks the whole evening. Me and Tanya was looking at the people and oh my they undressed her.

That evening back at home we share her story… She arrives at this function and these 2 guys notice her.. but she stops us… no I want to share my story.. oh ok Tanya says and move closer to me. We all still dressed in our function clothes. Jenny smiles and starts.

I arrive at the function and get a lot of attention from the men and boys. Standing at the bar a young gentlemen bumps into me… his hand slides down my firm ass… I look up at him. He is 6.2 foot tall and well build. Next to him his gorgeous wife just as tall as him. They both in their early 30s. He asks if they can buy me a drink. Sure I accept. They invite me to their table and after introduction’s he takes the lead.. they been watching me and love the sight of me. His wife takes over, Im bi curious and told my hubby I would love to explore with you. I been looking for some time for a candidate and with your permission we would like it to be you. I blush but feel the excitement run through my body… my gstring gets wet quickly as I accept their offer…and with big smiles we leave the party. I follow them to their home and remove my wet gstring in the car. A thousand things cross my mind… is this real… what am I getting myself into… but the excitement and lust I havent felt in years push me down this road….

Jenny takes a sip of her wine… ger eyes are glowing… big smile on her face… shes got Tanya and me captured with her story… also my dick as its swollen down my pants and Tanya is softly stroking it in plain sight of Jenny.

We arrive at their place and we go to their lounge. The guy dims the lights and sits on the couch.. She walks over to me and pulls me to my legs. Her smile is beautiful and her hands move from my shoulders down my side down my hips and over my ass…. She pulls me closer and I can small her perfume… at this point Jenny gets up from her chair and walks over to Tanya… she puts out her hand and Tanya takes it. Jenny pulls her up… Jenny creates the move with Tanya.. moves her hands down her body and onto her ass… mmmm Jenny says… the lady tells me wow you got a great ass and moves her hands under my dress…and pulls it over my head…revealing my naked body. In one motion Jenny removes Tanyas dress to reveal her sexy little body.

Tanya is frozen and so am I. Our eyes on Jenny. Jenny says the lady gives her a soft kiss followed by a long French kiss….she gets wet as the ladies tongue meets hers and her body is explored by this woman. With this Jenny gives Tanya a kiss and then pulls her closer and their lips lock.

I hear how Tanya starts to groan softly as Jenny hands move over her ass and body while kissing…. Next moment Tanyas hands goes down Jenny’s ass and she removes her dress… my dick wants to explode now… both woman are naked in front of me..

As they stop the kiss Tanya says OMG!!! Jenny smiles at her and look over to me to get some comfort. I smile and she proceed… Jenny kiss Tanya again and moves her over to the couch across from me. I can see how Jenny’s hand goes in between Tanyas legs and Tanya groans as she lifts up a leg… Jenny pushes her on her back and as she bends down to take my wives pussy… Jenny’s pussy and firm ass are in full view 2 me….

I can hear how Jenny is sucking Tanyas nipples and moves down her tummy… Tanya lifts up her legs and she suddenly moans as Jenny tongue moves gently through her lips…. It dawns on me… All those shared fantasies’ and stories. Jenny listened and knows what we like..

Jenny runs her hand down her ass and over her pussy… my gosh this woman is showing me her sexy ass… an ass I been dreaming about for years..while shes now eating my groaning wives pussy…I think that’s a fair share… Tanyas legs are open wide and she has Jenny’s head pinned in place…. She guides Jennys face to all her favourite pussy places..

Then next moment Tanya explodes in a roaring orgasm… Jenny gets up and I see my wife… her face is full of lust and pleasure… she looks at me and smiles… mmmm I like this story Jenny..so what happened next??

Part 3 to follow….