13 Apr 2019

I got married at 24. My wife and Im the same age. Shes a pretty little lady. 1.6m petite, brunette, hazel brown eyes, 32C and have a sexy body. Shes always been into running and gym so she has a sexy little ass. Im 1.65m and muscular.

We always had an understanding, we are human with faults, needs and yes fantacies. We always share our thoughts, she would poke me in the ribs to get my attention inorder to show me a hot guy or gal for me.

We would share our fantacies about others like after a function, party or wedding who we thought looked great and who we would have sweaty sex with. Yet we never crossed anylines nor eveb thought about it. At age 30 we learnt that both of us cant have kids. A knock but we moved on.

We build our careers and always have fun. Like once on holiday we noticed a group of students on the beach. Some hot guys and gals for sure. She picked out a gal for me and I picked out a guy for her... and as we relaxed on the beach we would share what we would get up to with them hehe..

The guy was about 22 and a big boy. 1.85m tall blond hair blue eyes and big muscles.. the girl she picked was about 1.75m tall with curves and big 36D boobs also blond with blue eyes about 22. As we laid there I told her I would like to see him stretch open her tight little pussy and fill her up with surely a big dick. He must do her standing... holding her up and drilling her good... i can hear her swear moans as he pleasures her infront of me. She bites her lip and look at me..honey you have a bug dick to and we laugh... yes I have a fat dick thats about 7inches and each time i take her she loves it.

She says the gal will push me down on my back... and find a big surprise in my pants.. she would suck my dick as she sits on my face with my tongue eating out a fat wet pussy... then as my wife is pounded by the young stud the gal will sit on my dick and ride me like a horse with her big boobs bouncing all over my face... mmmmm now thats a good dream.... we pack up go to our hotel room and with this fantacy in mind we jump each other in the shower and have a afternoon of make believe sex... we try to recreate our fantacies.

That evening in Ballito we go out to a pub. The place is packed and everyone is having a great time... once again we pick a fantacy lover haha... as my wife moves to the bar and back I see two young men checking her out... the rest of the evening they cant take their eyes off her.... at one point they even try to chat with her. I smile mmmm looks like u got a MMF coming on... she laughs and blush a bit. They both about 1.75m and just normal built. She smiles... I will make them sit and do a sexy dance for them... then i will give them instructions... oh really like what? Oh boys take of ur pants... and start to stroke urself... i can see the stars in her eyes as she builds her fantacy.... the one has a long thin dick and the other a short fat one... i will strip naked and tease them by playing with my perky boobs and teasing them with a view of my ass and tiny pussy..... omw my dick is so hard now i say to her... she smiles and moves her hand over my pants..mmmmm yes darling you may sit and watch she says to me with a grin...mmmm so i can watch you toy with the boys? yes....and we giggle... and then..

well then i will sit between them and take over the stroking of their cocks... i will then get on my knees and give them each a BJ... as i give one a BJ the other must eat my pussy.... and they better do a good job like you my hubby... she smiles at me... mmmm yes i love ur pussy...yummy... and if they cant make me cum via oral..then they cant fuck me she says..oh damn woman your nasty...and we giggle.... then the two of them make a move.

They actually move closer to us and then ask if they can join us at our table for 6 but only used by 2. Sure I say. introductions follow. Andre and Hannes. We are James and Tanya. They great but only have eyes for my wife. They offer to buy us a drink for offering them a place 2 sit and we accept.

Tanya looks over at me and i can see her face... i know my clever wife..her mind is busy now. After a while of chatting she hits them...so boys how old are you. oh 24 they say. aaahhh..and girlfriends? oh no no we dont have girl friends we just here with buddies to have fun. They just finished varsity and had to start work in the new year. they from bloemfontein and studied accounting.

My wife looks over the crowd and says boys let me pick a girl for each of you. Its a little game me and James play. As she scans the place their eyes are pinned on her...she gets up and move around to look and they follow her.... im sitting here laughing... oh this is fun.

Then she returns with two ideas. Hannes that cute little blond will be urs and Andre u get the red head. They look at each other and then at the 2 girls... wow says Hannes yes thats a great pick for us, but erm how do we get them here?

Tanya gets up and says easy... she walks over to them and after a few minutes of chatting she brings the two ladies over... The two guys blush as Tanya introduces them. Lisa and Sanette.. they join us and Tanya pushes... So ladies these 2 boys been looking at u 2 for a while and wanted to meet you... shame all 4 of them blush. hehe... we spend the rest of the evening with the 4 youngsters as they chat and laugh and we feel the sexual tention. At midnight we leave for our hotelroom.. Tanya wants to recreate her sexy dance fantacy so i sit and stroke myself as she gives me a show.... she takes my fat long dick into her mouth and sucks me like never before.... i cum into her mouth and she sucks it all in....then i muff her. my fee to fuck her is an orgazm...which with all the attention comes quickly..and we make love before we pass out and sleep...

The next morning she wakes me up.... James... James i have a fantacy...lol. damn so early woman... yes. What is it... I want to experiance a lady.... what!! yes a lady... and we laugh.. to think she was this goody 2 shoes when i met her and after years of marriage i created a monster....

Rolling forward a few years we are close to our 40s... life is busy but we make time to party and be us. My fantacy girl is Jenny. I been working with her for a few years. Shes 44, mother of 2... 1.65m Strawberry blond, blue eyes and faaaaking hot. She runs comrades and cycles so she has legs and an ass to die for. all the younger girls in our company wants to be like her..but even being this beauty she doesnt use it. Shes a very guarded person and never give any men the light of day with advances. I seen many men run with their tales between their legs thinking she will fall for their bullshit haha.... She however works well with me as i always respect her and never even given her an idea that im interested in her. All she knows is that Tanya is a sexy lady and we happy. She is more senior than me but not my direct boss.

Tanya always have to hear how I wanna jump this woman but never met her. Only saw some pics of her and agrees shes a hotty... A bit later in the year Jenny walks into my office late one friday tears running down her cheecks. She and her hubby decided to seperate as he was distant and met someone else. Their marriage been over for a few years but shes still shattered. We have a cottage behind our house and i offer it to her as she needed a place to move to. Her kids are at boarding school so it will just be her. I phone Tanya and she agrees to assist jenny.

A year later all is going well... Jenny got devorced and settled into our cottage. She and Tanya grew very close and are best friends. Tanya tried 2 hook her up with a few good guys we know but Jenny arent interested. The two of them train together and both looks super sexy in their 40s. We just hit 40 and jenny is 45. That december we invite her with us on holiday and she accepts. We been away together on weekends but never this long.

At the coast we have great weather and fun times. I have to look on how my sexy wife and her now friend gets checked out by men... man oh man my mind expodes. Then a few days into the holiday Tanya sees a hot lady on the beach and infront of Jenny starts 2 build a fantacy... my heart jumps out of my chest when Tanya says..hey James there is a hit babe 4 u 2 pound.... I look at her but sge giggles...relax James Jenny knows we are nawty.. jenny looks away shy and giggles..yes you two are one of a kind... but great fun.. Tanya been sharing stories about the past with jenny and im a bit shocked but embarrassed.

Jenny laughs and says dont worry James its ok. She will join in on the fun. All 3 laugh but that sexual tention hits us. Tanya gets up to get food and Jenny looks at me... James i know you and Tanya have a great relationship and you are open about things...but i want to ask something? And that is? She looks down and shyly says... You 2 make me feel like i belong... would there be space for me?

My mouth falls open and my heart stops... erm the what??? and silence. She gets up as Tanya arrives back... Jenny asks Tanya to sit next to me. Jenny starts... Since we took her in she feels more connected to us than anyone else... she says she doesnt want a man in her life... but via Tanyas fantacies she did learn a thing or to about dreams... She looks at us and says... my fantacy is to be part of you two... im still frozen and i see Tanya holding ger breath... Tanya looks iver to me and starts to smile.... Well Jenny you been James fantacy girl for a long time..i sure he wont mind... OMG i close my eyes and wish to fall into a hole now... as i open my eyes Jenny looks at me with a smile... well it seems this 3sum will have to discuss some matters at hand... and we all laugh... part 2 to be continued.