Written by James_Damons

25 Apr 2012

Wow, this is definitely the most beautiful indian lady i've ever seen. 2 weeks ago, sitting at home got a call from this guy, phoning me to find out whether i'm available. At first i wanted to ask for a pic but i thought no, let me not do it. Anyway, So closer to the time we arranged, i got a call again, asking where i am. Was arranged that we would meet at the road lodge in Sandton. Agreed so i went there. Got there before them, so waited in the parking lot. 10 minutes later they arrived. I spoke to the husband while still in their car and noticed that she was quite pretty. It was quite dark and could not see her clearly. So we went in, at reception he paid for the hotel room, and man, my first proper few of her and she was hot. Both of them probably in their 30's. Just looking at her made me smile inside, cause i could not believe. So we got to the room chatted a bit and then action. The two of them at it first and then they asked me to come and sit on the bed with them. Man i was almost bursting already. Starting rubbing her most perfect titties i've ever seen. She took my hand put it on her boops and wow. She started opening my jeans and the husband told me to take my clothes off. He didn't have to invite me twice. So we go initially just playing and touching, but things quickly got heated. I kissed her body, starting licking her very smooth beautiful, pussy if i can say that. She was so horny and came quickly, so then she wanted me immediately. So i just went at her, just enjoying her. I must say, it wasn't rough at all, but just gentle, very gentle, so her husband and i took turns. I was so close to cumming and he husband took over, so she was sucking me he was doing her. So we swapped around again, with her on top of me, reverse cow girl. She was really riding me so nicely while sucking her husband. Just looking at how my dick came in and out of her made me so horny and i could keep it in anymore, it literally felt like i exploded. He then took her from behind while she was licking me off. Wow! We had a drink afterwards and went back at it. Wish i could meet them again!!! Indian girls, so beautiful!!!