Written by Joe

01 Dec 2017

My wife and I are in our late 40ies. We have had an amazing sex life and enjoy each other still. My wife Jannet is still very sexy and enjoys showing herself off and will do out landish things at times. These sometimes have consequences!! We have had some lovey sexy times with friends too in the past, some lasting for a number of years. Great sex was had!!

About two years ago we took leave and did a road trip from Joburg via Kimberly and on to the west coast and back around Cape Town, Garden route and home. Was fantastic. But I am going to tell of one incident in particular. Happened on the first day! We had no time table so there was no rush and we were certainly in no hurry. Any way that road to Kimberly is a long straight boring road and no much in the way of exciting scenery! We started getting naughty and sexy in the car. Jannet told me of a conversation she had had quite recently with a work colleague who had confided in her that she had seduced and been fucked by a black guy who came to fix her washing machine at her home and how it had been amazing sex and that she wants to do it again as she had enjoyed it so much. We ffoled around in the car, Jannet fished my cock out from the side of my short and played with my cock as we drove. The road was very quiet indeed after "Hot As Hell" and Jannet suddenly took off her tank top sitting with her luscious tits bare to the world - and no one to see them except me. I would touch them every now and again and her nipples were beautifully erect.

We were approaching a white bakkie with a sort of sail canopy covering like half the back. It appeared to have a load of planks and a ladder which were quite long so the tail gate was down. It was doing no more than about 80km an hour so I would have passed it but yip, murphys law there suddenly came a string of cars and trucks after miles and miles of solitude! So we are behind this bakkie, fairly close as I thought we are going to pass it soon. Suddenly from inside this covering someone stirred and a youngish looking black chap appeared. He had noticed Jannets lovely tits jutting out freely!! Jannet was looking out the window as we had passed some horses out in the field/bush and did not see what was happening. This guy came right to the tail gate holding on to the side railing and was staring at my wife's tits with a lovely surprised look on his face. A moment of naughtiness overcame me and I reached up with my left hand and grabbed Jannert's tits rubbing them and bouncing them gently up and down. This brought a very broad grin to this guys face and he nodded his head up and down vigorously showing me a thumbs up! It also brought Jannet's attention back to me and she said "wow thats nice. What brought this on?" As I said "well this chap is really enjoying your tits" she became aware of the bakkie in front and suddenly registered that we were being watched. She got quite a start and her reflex was to put her hands over her tits. I think for a moment she was looking to see where the tank top was but as she looked back at this guy he was still grinning from ear to ear and motioned her to move her hands and seemed to show an open palm motion of "bouncing her tits". Jannet suddenly gave a real naughty laugh and did just that, cupping her tits in her hands and jiggling them up and down and played with her nipples. She licked her lips and blew him a kiss. His face changed expression and the smile gave way to a look of desire and his free hand went down to his crotch and he was squeezing his cock through the brown type overalls he had on, all the while staring intently at Jannet's tits and what she was doing. You could clearly see the bulge in the front of his overalls. The road was now clear ahead but I stuck behind the bakkie! "Fuck, this is actually getting me real horny" said Jannet suddenly. "I'm enjoying the show too babe" I said to her. "I wonder if he would show his cock if I showed him my pussy" she said with a real naughty grin at me and proceeded to hike her skirt up to her waist and took off her panties. These she held up to the window and like waved them at him. He knew exactly what had happened and he licked his lips and on his knees at the back there raised himself up and tried to pear down far enought to see what he could see but obviously the dash was in the was. He pointed, showing "down there!!" Jannet said to me "crikey, I,m fucking horny now. At the next layby pull in, I want you to fuck me. But I am going to give this black guy a good eye full!" With that she shifted her seat right back, dropped the back rest a bit more and lent back lifting herself as high as she could and with legs parted as far as she could she began to play with herself and stimulate her clit. Well, I so wish that I could have got a video of this guys face. He was in extacy it seemed and his hand went to the front of his overall and he undid all the lower buttons and pulled out an enormous cock and his balls came out too. He steadied himself, adjusted his grip on the railing on the side and while his cock was free it waved about sticking out proudly in full view of us. "Fuck will you look at that cock" said Jannet, "its so big. I like the shape, and he seems to be circumcised!" I agreed and now this guy took hold of his cock with his left hand and began to wank off staring all the while at Jannet, his balls swaying and bouncing in time. Jannet continued to show him her pussy and she was getting very wet. "wonder what a black cock would feel like inside of me" she said half to herself. He suddenly pointed to his cock and then pointed at her pussy and made like in and out movements with his hand. I said to Jannet, "fuck you've got him really hot and horny Babe". She sank down in the seat and blew him kisses with a big smile. "Pretty tiring on the legs and back doing that position" she said. "Aaah here is a lay by I said", slowing down and pulling in. It was a spot where in fact there a few layby's quite close together and some on the other side of the road. Ours had some bushes growing right next to us and gave some privacy. There was also the table and benches under a little thatshed roof. Jannet said "shit I need to pee badly. BUT I will be right back for a good fuck honey!"

I then notiched the bakkie had also pulled in to the layby a bit in front. Two guys got out the cab and headed to the side of the road probably to also have a pee. I did not see the guy who had been on the back. I looked to the side and could just see Jannet's head as she was down in a dip having her pee. It was a big one! She stood up and proceeded to clean herself. She always carried a damp face cloth in her bag. I suddenly noticed that she was still topless, jeeez what a turn on! But then she proceeded to put on her tank top before heading back to the car and into the open. She must have found it as she hopped out the car but was in too big a rush to put it on then. But I noticed with a smile that her panties were still on the floor!! My cock was hard in anticipation of what was to come.

As Jannet reached the open door I saw movement out the corner of my eye and here came the guy from the back of the bakkie. He had been a bit hidden from view by one of the bushes and the table "hut". He was smiling at Jannet who was about to get in the car and had now also seen him. approaching he said disappointedly "aaaag neee jufvrou, jy het now al die klere aan. Eish dit was te mooi wat jy gedoen het. Ek wil asseblief nog net een keer nog daai mooi wit poes sien, asseblief man!!" Jannet sat down on the seat, legs out the car, her back to me. She half turned to me and said in a rather husky voice that she would love to see his cock up close, just a quick peek she said. With that she lifted her bum quickly and hoisted her skirt up to her waist. Sitting back down she lost a bit of balance falling back toward me and I was there to let her rest against me but that was all the delay or distraction he needed and when we "came to" he was on his knees in front of my wife and he buried his head between her thighs grabbing her right leg behind the knee he lifted her leg toward the dash board to get better access and he was shoving his tongue into her pussy. It happened so fast, Jannet let out a yelp and then seemed to want to struggle and said something like "no, ooh fuck, jeez Joe his fucking good at this, oooh fuuucck!" She fell against me again and looked up at me. Her eyes were half closed. "sorry Joe buy fuck I'm so horny and he is doing this so aaaah well" I was speechless at first. I asked her if she was really enjoying it and she just nodded and said "mmmmm shit he is going to bring me to orgasm" I realized I was rock hard, my cock throbbing in my pants. I looked down to between Jannet's legs, it was so surreal and his dark flesh contrasted so against her very white skin. He had two or three fingers in her, fingering her pussy real good and was sucking hard on her engorged clit. I don't know why but I suddenly wanted to see Jannets tits out so I took her tank top from below and pulled it up over her tits. Damn they looked so fine and her nipples were really hard, jutting out proudly. At that moment this black guy looked up and saw her tits exposed and with a "ja, ja" he shifted up grabbing one tit with his dark hand and the other he "swallowed" into his mouth. It was so fucking hot. Jannet looked back up at me smiling. As I looked at her it seemed she was trying to mouth something to me when suddenly she let out a loud yell of aaaah, aaw, no shit and she tried to jerk her head up. This guy seemed to have moved up closer to our heads! Jannet put her head back with wild look to her face and eyes and looking into my eyes said " oh fuck he's in me" "What ?!?" i said and with that this guy was starting to grunt loudly and i was aware of strong thrusting movements and Jannet was being forced hard against me with each thrust. "hey fuck stop man" i yelled out and hit him hard on his back but he kept going. I was about hit him again when Jannet said "oh fuck Joe he is so big he is deep in me and fuck me i'm going to cum ... aaah fuck I can't help it .. aaaaaaaah yes fuck oh fuck" and with that she came and at that very moment this black guy lets out an even louder aaarrrrghh and lited his head back and i could see his face contorted with lust and passion. He jammed hard into her a few more times and then lifted him self off, standing up. I will never forget the scene, Jannet laying there naked but for a strip of skirt around her waist and her tank top around her neck and he stood there a moment his cock still stiff as shit and glistening wet with her and his cum dripping off it. We could hear a hooter blowing and some shouting and suddenly he shoved his cock and balls into his overalls and was running at top speed in seconds, hit ride about to leave.

Jannet stirred and lifted her self up and slid off the seat to stand by the car. She turned around and bent in looking at me with a satisfied grin on her face. I will never erase that moment from memory, Jannet standing there, legs apart, bare thighs and wet wet pussy facing me and her tits swaying gently about as she breathed deeply. Cum runniing down her legs and some dripping from her cunt. "You not cross with me Joe?" she asked. "Hell no I said, I want you now"