Written by Impulsive

16 Jun 2015

Public holiday............... Anticipation for FB to sneek away and play. Alas it worked out differently. You ever had that you are wanted so much by someone that you actually give in and meet to get it over with. Well today was one of those days to my dismay.

Not normally a lady that invites peeps to my place of comfort, today I was impulsive and invited peep over not knowing how the afternoon is going to pan out. He arrives I am chilled and cold brrrrrr. I demand him to give me a back and shoulder massage, hmmmmm that feels so good him rubbing his cock up my crack as well. Lying there imagining your FB's hands and cock all over you takes you into ecstacy. Enjoying every moment of that fantasy. Hit reality, wow amazing hands touching and exloring your body from top to toe, awesome feeling. Turn yourself over, lift your hips and tell him, fuck me please, so wet and ready for that deep thrust into the world of pleasure. Close the eyes its FB pleasing me, my moans getting louder with every stroke exploding with the thought of him inside me. squirting his cock full of my juices.

The evening ended up with me sucking and licking his ass and balls while he wanked himself into an orgasm and coming over himself.

He left shortly after that, not even a good nite kiss....................................... Makes one appreciate men........