26 Dec 2018

I was in my early teens when it happened. A holiday long weekend in the bush, Zimbabwe, a fairly well known resort in the hot dry South of that country. We kids were on our own; wild things with rocks to climb, swimming holes to cool off in...Cokes, Ice creams and movies in the evening. Parents – Seldom seen. I dont remember her name, but she was older, maybe 17 or 18...she had a few years on me but, maybe the pickings were thin who knows. We are in the back row of the evening movie, sitting on those plastic club chairs they always have...I honestly can not recall how it happened, but, we went from holding hands...to some teen-kissing which I remember being heavenly...to my hands wandering all up and under her (?blue) T shirt...and this indelible memory of her popping her generous perfect teen-age breasts out of her bra for me to see, and touch...I remember her pale whiteness, that sexually hard-wired rise to pink generous nipple tips...in a young boy like me ...indescribably lovely. I think she said something like “ lets go out”...or some such..it must have been her because I am fairly sure I was not speaking very well at that point because most of my blood had rushed from my brain and gone South…

Next thing we are sitting in the dark quiet of the rocks beside the pool...its probably midnight or somewhere near that, and No one is anywhere near us….Just a warm sultry Zimbabwean December night and two kids on the edge of life. We were kissing...as though the sun would never rise, and My young errect cock was probably completely obvious in my swimming shorts...I remember her holding it...stroking me...and I remember saying something foolish like...” I want to do more”...I said something like that...and she answered, “ Yes, but you must take my panties off”...so we stood...groping, kissing, snogging like teens do I suppose...and I think I remember she had some track-suit pants on, that she and I removed, and at last I had the Heavenly moment of my first brushing contact of the tip of my errect cock against her damp, bushy sex. So we are standing there, together...and I remember specifically her saying “No..you are doing it wrong”...she said..”lets lie down”...and she pulled me down, she lay I think on a pool towel on the grassy edge of the poolside...and I followed her...we are still kissing...tounges wrapped around each other..breathing almost for each other...and then...I am engulfed by her. All I really remember is a rising warm heat, some melting of myself as my prick found out where in needed to be...and I remember I mumbled to her..into her mouth I said “ Oh..it’s working”….And just like that I was on my way to being a man.

She was special, perfect, she dissappeared the very next day and I doubt that I ever knew her name. But she owns my virginity, and she set me on the right path somehow, in those few hours we had.

And that was my first time.