Written by lovechannel69

20 Feb 2017

decided to share some of my experiences good and bad so much to tell. will always respect privacy..

last week fri eve sandton upmarket exclusive hotel told just him and me a hot fucker and from the pics he sported an incredible monster pussy fucker.

got to the room and there were three cocks waiting. not what I had been told or prepared for. but the one hot young married guy had his cock out his zip. it was as hard as fuck uncut nice length. i looked a bit taken aback and was nicely asked if i wanted to stay or go which was kind of them but i am a sucker around cocks and all of them were hot and the cock i could see just needed to disappear into me so i stayed......

the hot young married fuck only wanted to fuck my mouth he said he had time constraints i no sooner had indicated i was staying than he literally lifted me up threw me on to the bed dragged me around so my face was at the end of the bed pulled me until my head was back off the bed and then told me to take it like a bitch and he began to face fuck me as one of the other guys still dressed and in his shoes now climbed between my legs and started undoing my jeans and rolling of f my panties before telling me my pussy was divine and then sending his mouth and fingers into me and working me deep. the 3rd guy took a call and left the room . the guy in my mouth called me all the names under the sun pulled out thrust in and then on pulling out sent his hot fresh married cum flying across my face onto my t shirt and moaned so loudly I felt the manager would be called, I was getting my pussy deeply finger fucked and then with no warning the guy who had just face fucked me jumped on the bed and sent his cock up me my legs across his thighs he was still dressed???? the guy who was eating me out just got up and sat next to the bed watching playing with his groin. he looked swollen as hell this was a bit weird not sure how it was going to play out. the guy in me for sure came again even if a dribble and then got up zipped up shared niceties with his mate telling him he was sorry he couldn't stay and fuck me with them and left ....... the other guy told me to go clean up as we were now going down to meet the other guy at the pub for a bite and drinks... i was not sure if i would come back up but felt that they would let me go no scenes if i decided not to but something intrigued me about the remaining two guys and I really was in the mood...