Written by Once upon a time at nudistist beach

31 Jul 2012

I used to live alone with my mother in the UK, and often felt lonely at week ends after a week of work in an office with other women. On warm sunny weekends, , I often felt like taking a drive out, rather than being around the house. Having no where special to drive to and not wanting to go to a pub etc on my own, as a woman, I would sometimes drive to Ainsdale beach. The beach was not too far away.

After walking in Ainsdale sand dunes a few times, I noticed men and the occasional woman at a couple of particular sand dunes sunbathing naked, although it was not an official nudist beach. One day when I was alone at Ainsadale, I thought it would be nice to lay naked on the beach. and I got up the courage to try it.

I eventually got used to seeing guys sat at a distance watching me , and sometimes touching themselves.

On one particular hot day, as I lay naked on my towel, an elderly naked guy walked near and started talking to me. We talked about the hot weather, about sun tan oil or the lack of it, where we were from etc,. Then after asking, he sat beside me, and we had more general talk.

I noticed that his leg was touching my leg, and I confess that I did not move my leg away. He then said that I was getting a bit red and sun burnt, and he put his hand on my shoulder. He stroked my shoulder and then his hand was at the top of my breast and feeling my skin. Soon his hand slid down and was feeling my full breast and then feeling my nipple. I should have stopped at this point but did not as he seemed a nice friendly guy. I did look about and saw we were alone, so I let him continue, as I was enjoying his company. He leaned over and we then both kissed a little. One thing led to another, and his hand down rubbing my belly. He then moved his hand further down and touched my clit . I have always enjoyed my clit being played with and I have always had a large clit which guys seem to like to rub and pull. Then his fingers were up inside my now wet pussy. I did what any woman may do, and touched him, and felt his dick stiffen.

After stroking him I turned and noticed a couple of other guys behind us, watching and with semi stiff dicks, so I quickly pulled away from him. He did not move his fingers from my now hot clit and my juicy pussy, but he continued fingering me. After a few minutes and not bothering about the other guys watching, I opened my legs more and lay on my back on my towel, and enjoyed his figures inside me in the outdoors cool air and the warm sand. It was my turn I guess, so I then tried to please him, and put my head by his legs and slowly touched and sucked his dick.

I knew the other guys were still there and stood by us, playing with their now stiff dicks. What could I do, but forget my embarrassment and suck their dicks for them also. Both were elderly guys, one was about 50 and the other probably about 60. The older guy had a thick dick and a metal ring round his testicles.

Their hands were all over me, and soon I was on my back on my back in the sand with my legs in the air and them pushing their now stiff dicks in and out of me, one after the other. They turned me over and then tried me from the back while I kneeled. One of them also pushed his dick in my arse, which was painfull, but I let him. As each was satisfied they left, and I wiped semen from my belly and bum, gathered my panties and skirt etc got back to my car.

My mum, at waiting at home with a nice salad ready to eat, would have been shocked if she knew what had happened to me on that sunny day at Ainsdale sand dunes. I have been nude sunbathing to Ainsdale a few times since, but have never been completely shagged by three guys like that.