Written by nizwiz

14 Feb 2017

so as i explain to her that day in the take away should give me her pussy when ever i wanted and it was almost always the same .

we go to the back she unzip me . take my cock out give it a nice BJ and make it wet then she unzip her self and lbend i put it in her pussy from behined few min later i withdrew and spray the floor . she take the mop and cleen it or mop it . and off she leaves .

one week end i found a sponge that can be used as a bed so workers all left .. and i made her understand that today i need her pussy and so she smiled not knowing what is it in for her this time .

she went to lock the door and came to the back by then i had the mattress on the floor and she said OMG you got all this sorted ...

as she was talking i was busy undressing her in seconds she was bare naked and so i am .

kisses and hugs made her horny by licking her neck ..

pushed her head down so she could give me my favorite BJ ..

turned her around and in to her pussy doggy style slowlly but surly was thrusting her pussy in the mean while she started to moan and move forward away from my cock till she was blocked by the corner of the wall head down cheek on the floor screeming out of pleasure .

that went on for a while as i was building up i withdrew and turned her around put her legs on my shoulders and in my cock gose with thrust you could hear the banging of the balls against her pussy once i built up i withdrew from her cunt and started spraying her stomach and boobs and it was so much it covered her little boobs that she had .

we slept next to each other while i was catching my breth she start playing with my cum that was on her till i got up she neatenned the place and she left as nothing had happened... till then a new sex story of me and later wife will write about her hope you like it as its reall