22 Jul 2017

I always had a thing for older women but could never seem to find a white lady one open to Indian guys.

I've have been chatting to a nymphomaniac for some time about her encounters and fetishes, whom also had been curious about other races but never put the plan to action.

It was a Thursday afternoon and had a crazy day at the office, lying in bed all I could think off was how a good bj could relax me.

Feeling naughty and with no one in mind to help I decided that self help was going to be the only way. Rather than using my imagination I logged on hoping to find someone to chat too whilst i masturbate.

To my luck Les was online and we started chatting about an encounters she had few days prior. She made me so horny that my climax felt like an explosion.

I sent her pictures of what she did to me. Her response was yummy I would love to clean you up and sent me a picture of her rubbing her clit.

I asked her to get her hubby to fuck her whilst she imagined its my black cock.

She said it's just her and her toys as he is away on business. I managed to convince her to give me her number. I gave her a call only to hear her heavy breathing whilst still enjoying her toys. I managed to get the area of where she lives and whilst still talking to her I decided to drive towards there and suggested even just a hi and bye or I could flash her at her place of convenience.

I reached greenstone and by now she had climaxed a few times. I asked her if she is willing to do a meet and greet. Her response was just come over and gave me her address.

I arrived and the guard let me in. As I approached the unit I saw the gate open with the key on it, I approached nervously not knowing what to expect. I knock on the door and a sexy voice says come in and lock the door behind you. I do as I'm told and look around but can't see anyone. Then she says come out into the garden, as I go through the door I see her sitting in the nude and having a smoke. My face lights up and I go over for a hug and kiss. She grabs my fast growing hard on and says hmmmmnnn, I'll be with just now.

I look around and say arnt you worried about people looking, her response is I don't care and pulls out my cock and begins to stroke me. Gentle licks in-between puffs.

She grabs my cock and leads me to the couch and orders me to stip naked. She put a pillow to comfort her whilst she sucks on my raging hard on. She begins deep throating and massage my balls. Her hands start moving to my ass to grab, squeeze and dig her nails into it. She now starts playing with my anus which was New for me and abit uncomfortable as I've never done so before. Not knowing if I should ask her to stop I let that amazing sensation continue. She asked me to turn over and started rimming me whilst still stroking me. It felt different but amazing in 1 breathe. I was feeling as if I was going to come and her still rimming deeper and harder she stuck her tongue in. I burst my load into her leather soffas.

She wiped it off and started rubbing her Pussy with it making me want her more. She sucked her fingers and told me this is why younger fuckers want this cunt and directed me the the bedroom.

She asked me to lay down and used the curtain tie backs to tie me to the frame. Wanting every inch of her she starting making me beg. She started rubbing her cum layered Pussy all over me. She rubbed it on my cock and all I could imagine was that wet velvety Pussy riding me. She got to my toes and slotted my big toe into her supper moist Pussy.

My cock was ragging and I was begging her to fuck me. She turned around and began sucking my toes and all I could see was her beautiful ass and tucked away was her dripping wet pink Pussy. She every now and then rubbed on my raging cock.

She got off and came back with studded condoms. She put it on me and slid on top of me. She began slow gentle strokes almost like test driving a new car to get to know it better. But I knew this was her teasing me.

I tried to break free to grab her to have my own ways with her but I couldn't. She also couldn't deal with the teasing anymore and began to riding harder and starter until it felt like she was doing the 100m Sprint. All I could hear was glamour bodies thrusting against each other and praying for the bed not to break. I knew her body would be bruised tomorrow from the pounding she was giving me. I could feel her Pussy squeezing my cock and she began going even faster until she screamed and came. It now sounded like we were playing in water. She got off wiped her self and went into reverse cowgirl. Again she started riding me deep and hard. I didn't want this moment to end and was about to come, she could also feel it and told me to not come before her.

I dared not disobey her but with me being tied up there was not much I could do to control it and I burst my load, luckily she was close and also came a few seconds later.

I could feel her juices leaking out her and all over my cock. She jumped off, opened up my make shift shackles and just lie next to each other to catch our breathe. I was in total amazement of the enduranceand satisfaction I had just experienced.

She woke up and went into the shower of which I joined her. She made sure every inch of me was washed and sucked dry.

Was my 1st of many amazing and unique encounters with her of which I shall write about sometime.