19 Apr 2016

So I started chatting on wechat a while ago and I enjoy the app you see peoples true personalities behind an anonymous profile, lots of pervs, married men and of course 18year olds who will fuck my brains out!

I started a chat with an older woman late 50's and told her about my arrangement with my friend she was interested in our agreement and asked if we could meet her when her husband was on his golf trip to kzn. So the time came and we arranged for drinks as always she slammed back about 5 whiskeys before she relaxed we went back to her place. When we got there we had more drinks before long she was horny and all over my friend. He undressed her she didn't look bad so I got up and started kissing her neck she moaned something about never kissing a woman I grabbed her hair and forcefully kissed her. Soon we were all naked and she was on her back taking a rock hard cock almost half her age I sat on her face and she made me cum so hard I couldn't keep my scream in. I cleaned the mess my friend made in her and she cleaned him.

We still chat she liked it and we might meet up for some girl on girl. I'm looking forward to seeing her!