Written by J bone

11 May 2018

My wife and I frequent a local adult store every now and then for some “gloryhole fun” and obviously to get some adult supplies a toy or two etc etc

Saturday we went there it was roughly 19:00 or so. The store was rather busy. Mostly single guys there and two couples not counting us. My wife moved around through the store looking at various DVDs and toys.

She selected a dvd and the girl at the counter “knowing us already said it’s fine we can preview it to see if it’s what we wanted” away we went into the booth.

No sooner did the door close and the dvd start and my cock was out and my wife sucking away. We repositioned I lay down and she squatted over my face. I love 69 and eating her pussy and ass is fantastic, I could do it all day.

We heard the door next door and not to long and there is a whisper at the hole “kan one kyk”. My wife always aiming to please says sure. Then no sooner had we continued and I see the hand coming through and touching my wife’s tits. I could see the arm looked somewhat older. Then the hand reaches for my faces face she says “No, just the body”. The hand goes back to her tits and nipples. Suddenly my wife gets up me mid tongue in her pussy and she turns with her pussy to the hole. I stand up and she continues to suck me while bent over I can see the guy is fingering her pussy already as she is super wet. The guy tries to put his face through the hole to lick her but well the holes is not that big. I can see it’s one of the old guys earlier in the store late 50s. He goes back to fingering my wife, he even rubs her ass a little but he is unsure about it and goes back to her pussy. I almost cum as my wife is busy sucking me off and also (her new thing) fingering in my ass a bit. I don’t want to cum yet so I pull away. She is somewhat disappointed but turns around drops to her knees and says to the guy next door bring your cock. He didn’t need to be told twice. Through the hole comes a sizable cock with a big head and probably the biggest set of hanging balls I have seen! As my wife grips his clock and sucks him she reaches down and tickles those balls. He is groaning loudly and I can hear the other person in there as well. My wife licks his cock from top all the way to his balls and tongues his ball sack. God she is dirty when she wants to be! She jerks his old cock so hard I thought she might tear his foreskin, she tells him to fuck her mouth. Now it’s not the biggest space and I can hear the other voice telling him “Kom doen dit, doen dit”. So there are defos two guys there.

The guy is now literally banging with everything he has to get his cock down my wife’s throat the wall shutters every time. And his balls are literally smacking her chin, then he explodes not telling my wife at all he lets go, coming in her mouth. Some of it she spits out but it’s to late it’s in her mouth on her lips and down her chin. My wife isn’t upset but tells him that he is naughty and gives him a little smack on that cock. I had been jerking my cock off hard and slow but hadn’t cummed yet. As my wife is cleaning herself the other cock appears. By now she is so worked up and has been sucking cook for what seems like hours and running her clit and lips. She tells me to fuck her from behind while she suck this cock. I must say the second cock was smaller and had more foreskin than she likes maybe because it wasn’t fully hard yet. But my wife started sucking on it and las she went it got hard but it seems that the guy was struggling a little to maintain the stamina. I was in heaven though pounding my wife from behind playing with her ass. She said I must tell her when I want to cum. The other guy went a bit soft again and she asked him if he was okay and he said he had taken something. But he really wanted to cum my wife said fine she will try. I pulled out and had to stop as I was ready to blow. I continued to lick her from behind she had orgasimed already a few small ones but I was waiting my turn. The other guy kept getting soft. My wife slightly frustrated told him to come around. He was at the door she opened and in he cane the door still open (shit it was as expected the old guys). He told her he is sorry my wife said sit down on the side chair pants down cock in her mouth again and she licked his balls he went hard again feeling her tits in full view of me and his buddy who was at the door watching. My wife then did something that she has only ever done to me and rimmed his old butthole his cock jumped as did his entire body. Next thing she put her index finger at his butthole just what appeared to be some hard rubbing and the old guy started to dribble cum little spurt after spurt. His buddy actually tapped him on the shoulder. He thanked my wife repeatedly and she simply smiled and said pleasure. They zipped up and left finally my wife turned to me and asked if I still wanted to cum. I said hell yes where does she want it ? You can cum in me. We goi g back again this weekend probably Saturday night again. On the way home I asked her about the old guys and she said she enjoyed it a lot it’s as if the two appreciated it more and it was making them young again. Perhaps when I get to that age we can find someone with the same outlook.