Written by Lauren

13 Apr 2017

Had just go into the hotel and just Shepard. I hear a knock there stood a guy where I been talking oh well we spoke.he striped and i lay back so he could suck my pussy I have not had sex for years I just screamed with pleasure

I asked him can I suck his big cock oh I had to just suck it I played with his ball .he a

Sled what I like I send come on duck he anal and mused him play

With my pussy oh I just filled his cock deep and I just could not stop coming I then started misprint and then I asked if he like me to ride him oh boy best sex I had knock at door and someone else I knew with his girl friend came to see me I was so excited I had to cocks in me then I sucked and got this girl ready for a cock I just watched her have please oh it was great we fucked till early morning both of me friend had sex like this I am sure they rember that my lover came every night we had sex on veranda in bath every well he hot me so so fucked he is best hope to see him again oh he does a great shaving my pussy

We see each other again went to sand bay