14 Apr 2016

As promised another story ...

We had a few encounters after the fuckfest in the store, She decided that shes in the mood for an adventure . I got off early the one afternoon and went to fetch her from work. All the way home in the traffic she was playing with my dick, long strokes my dick felt like it was about to explode .being in traffic with so many people around was such a turn on I almost pranged my car a few times .I played with her wet wet (ok imagine a tap running at full tilt )wet pussy so nice and puffy her clit was so hard I was in heaven... She couldnt make to much noise due to the widows being open on account of our heavy breathing. As we progressed we both need to FUCK EACH others brains out .So we had to think of a place quickly.. She said we should go to the water tower on the hill over looking the town (no I wont say which town) I was beyond the point of no return and I could smell that wet pussy ... We got to the hill and proceeded to get on the back seat ... There she rode me like no mans business. She was so wet Her juices where running between my legs.. her top came off and I sucked her nipples she was in such ecstasy that she came quickly ...I carried on fucking her hard she couldnt help but scream with pleasure ...Suddenly I felt something wrong with my right leg and tried to move it. Only problem is it somehow got stuck between the front seat and the floor mat ...As I moved her off my leg we both heard a snap.. I was in instant pain I had dislocated my leg.. Well I thought here I go how do I explain this to the missus... My dear lady friend was unfortunately still incredibly horny and demanded a fuck ...So I positioned my leg in a way where its the least amount of pain and allowed her to fuck my dick ...The fact that I was in pain and fucking through the pain made her so horny that she fucked me even harder.. She carried on till she eventually came ...and boy did she cum... I was wet from her.. She kissed me and thanked me for her mind blowing fuck and got herself dressed ... I managed to somehow get my leg in position and was heading to the front seat of the car ,Unfortunately for us ... her screaming was so loud it alerted the security guards we were stopped and the cops where being called ...I somehow with quick thinking and R200 got us off the hook..We drove away laughing and crying at the same time .. I chalked this one up to an amazing adventure that could have ended badly but didnt... There were as always more adventures and mayhem but as always I will only share if requested