Written by Redbruce

21 Sep 2015

This happened more than forty years ago! We were both so young and inexperienced then! I drove past the location this morning and it brought all the old memories flooding back, as if it were just yesterday!!...

We had been sailing with friends at Waterpan, near Westonaria. It was early evening. On the way back to drop you off at home in Randhart, I pulled off near some big old gum trees between Lenasia and The Lido, so I could have a pee (or maybe that was just my pretext for stopping?). When I got back in the car, we started snogging. It got more and more passionate. I caressed your boobs through your skin-tight red blouse. You sighed deeply, and started rubbing my cock though my jeans. I urged you on, and you opened my fly... I had my hand between your legs.

I think I might have been experiencing a little performance anxiety, parked in the open with cars driving past now and then. I didn't get as hard as I normally did on my own. I asked if I could please touch your boobs and your pussy, flesh on flesh, as I was certain that would do the trick. It turned out that you were wearing one of those "body suits", skin-tight, where the suit fastened front and back with press-studs that clipped together under your panty gusset. So THAT was why I couldn't lift your blouse to get my hands inside your bra! And why I couldn't find any panties when I put my young and inexperienced hands down inside the front of your pants!

You slipped your pants off, revealing that the body suit formed your panties as well. I helped to unclip them. I can't remember now if your pussy was hairy, shaven or trimmed. It doesn't matter. And when I started touching your pussy, there was something else... You had a tampon inserted. You explained that it was not the time for your period, but that you were concerned at how wet you got when aroused, and had been worried that, if something happened between us, your dampness might show. You obliged me by getting out of the car, squatting next to the open door and removing your tampon. This too excited me, as I had never seen anything like that before....

When you got back in the car, I now had no problem lifting your blouse so that I could expose your beautiful full breasts and suckle on your hard nipples to my heart's content, while you stroked my cock to full erection. I put my hand back between your legs, and found that your concern about your wetness was fully justified! You WERE so wet! I finger-fucked you, and I think you orgasmed on my fingers. But what I do very clearly remember was how beautifully soft your lips were on the head of my cock, how you gently brought me to orgasm, and how much I enjoyed that first in-car blowjob. Oh Carol, you were so young, and so fantastic!! Why did we not pursue that relationship?

If perchance you are also now part of this community, and get to read this story and recognise the circumstances, please contact me? I would so love to pick up where we left off all those years ago....