Written by Respectvoyeur

14 May 2018

It was a Thursday morning and the walk to the lagoon was amazing. Fresh morning air and a crisp sun, made the long walk quite pleasant. Being a weekday, there were no need to cross the lagoon mouth, as there are not many people around. I started heading towards the coves between the small dunes on the southern side. Walking along the footpath in between the grass, I noticed 2 towels next to the path in one of the middle coves.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw MrD sitting upright on his towel, with his arms extended backward, and his legs stretched out. On his left, hidden by the plants covering the dunes was the Hottest Sexiest Body I have ever seen at this beach...... MrsN!!!!

She was laying on her back reading a "50 shades of Grey" book, only wearing a cute pink hat. Her all-over-tanned body facing the lagoon.

I stopped in front of them and greeted hubby. She just glanced past the book and said Hi. I struggled to keep my eyes off MrsN body...... That perfect shaped boobies with semi-hard nipples shinning in the sun.... The clean shaven pussy smiling at me, gave me an instant hard-on!!!

Respecting their privacy, I moved on to the next cove, laying down my towel. I asked MrD to keep an eye on my stuff, stripped down and headed straight to the lagoon.

After about 30 min MrD got up and started walking towards me, standing waist height in the lagoon. We were chatting for a while, when suddenly MrsN got up and started shaking the sand from her towel. We both could not help starring at her, and then he turned to me and said " she is sexy....Isn't she???"

I smiled and said that she is unfucken believable Sexy!!! Then the fun began.....

He told me that she love to be watched by a guy, while he slowly wanks. She will then return the favor by playing with herself. There are just a few rules......

I am not allowed to speak to her. I am not allowed to come too close. He will point out where I can sit.

I was shocked!!! Not only will it be a heavenly privilege to watch her soaking up the sun..... But Mastrubating is completely Mind Blowing!!!!!

I agreed, and he said he will point out where I need to sit and watch. He left the water and headed back to MrsN. I waited about 5 min and left the water heading to my stuff. I picked up my towel and looked towards MrD. He smiled and pointed to an open piece of sand in between the grass........ About 10m in front of them.

I walked over and laid down my towel, facing them.

I laid back on my elbows while glancing over her perfect body. Suddenly she started raising her book, and I saw her eyes appearing underneath the book. She was watching me now, pretending to read her book....... This is fun!!!

Slowly she started opening her legs. First I saw her perfect little pussy lips, then as I started staring more and more, she opened up wider and wider...... My cock was now rock hard and I grabbed it. Slowly stroking it up and down, while moving my eyes between her pussy and starring her in the eyes. My hand was now covered in pre-cum and the strokes became quicker and quicker. I can now clearly see her love juice running down her lips, glittering in the summer sun!!!

I then looked towards hubby and he was just sitting there smiling at the two of us with his hand on his cock. She smiled at me, then turned to her side and dropped the book next to her. With her hands freed up, she swiftly move her right index finger, in between those Oh So Sexy Wet Lips!!!

Our eyes were now locked into each other's souls..... I could feel her lust and pleasure in her eyes. Her body was pulling and pushing, as if she had me inside of her. With her other hand she was rubbing and pulling on Her nipples. Hubby was now wanking, while watching us moving as one.... He then looked at me and smiled, while pointing to a spot about 2m in front of MrsN. I smiled back and without saying a word, I moved to the new spot. She just smiled while caressing her boobies. Hubby moved to the side of us, and we were basically sitting in our own little Erotic circle.....

She looked us both in the eyes and open her legs wide open, while using her to hands to pull the lips apart. We both were wanking now, while admiring this erotic heavenly body. She was about to cum, when she gave MrD that look..... And knotted with a smile. He moved closer and kneeled next to her. With his right hand he started pushing 2 fingers into her soaking wet pussy, while placing his left hand on her right boobie. She turned slightly to her right, and took his cock in her hand. Now both were smiling at me, while I moved forward onto my knees..... My cock was now ready to explode, just waiting for the right moment!!

He moved his left hand from her boobie, and gently placed it behind her head. She winked at him while leaning forward..... Gently she started licking his cock's tip, while smiling at me in between. MrD started breathing heavily and I could see we were all ready for an earth shattering explosions!!!!!

She then slides his shinning hard cock into her mouth, and started picking up the pace. Her stomach was starting to shiver and her toes twitching. He added another finger into her dark pink stretched pussy, and that was the final push.......

She pulled his cock out of her mouth while gasping for air. Her shining sweaty body now shivering with ecstasy, falling back onto her towel. He grabbed his cock and spayed her boobies with cum!!! Then.... the sight of this amazing woman laying there in the hot open air, covered in cum and sweat, was just one too much....... And I sprayed my cum onto a open piece of sand, just in front of MrsN feet!!!

I fell backwards and just laid there........ Trying to figure out if this was reality or just a dream. But the smell of cum and fresh sea air quickly reminded me that this is it..... You just experienced the ultimate dream. You were part of the most intimate moment of two human beings.

I got up, while they were just laying back and soaking up the moment and hot summer sun. Both of them gave me a smile, and keeping to my promise, I moved back to my original spot, without saying a word. After about 20 min they packed up, smiled and wave goodbye.......

What I did not knew then, was that this would have been our first of quite a few fun times at the nude beach.