Written by Respectvoyeur

13 May 2018

It was one of those perfect Nude Beach days. The summer sun was heating up the sand, with a gentle breeze touching all the nude bodies. Like most Sunday's the majority of people were enjoying public nudity on the northern side of the lagoon mouth.

After skinny dipping in the sea, I went up to my spot on top of a small sand dune. While standing and soaking up the sun, I noticed a new couple down at the lagoon edge. Wrapping a towel around me, I started walking towards the new couple. I then noticed another couple that I usually join on weekends. After some chatting and catching up on all the latest gossip, I moved down towards the lagoon, and there they where......

He was extremely muscular built, dark short hair and with some amazing ink. Let's call him MrD. She was a perfect Blonde bombshell with the Perfect 10 body. Let's call her MrsN. She was laying on her stomach, with her perfect ass absorbing every sun-ray and attention. He was sitting legs crossed, while watching a few "crocodile" guys floating in the lagoon.

As I got close to them, I could not stopped staring at her smoking hot ass, and the nicest side Boobie being squeezed against her towel. I looked up and instantly notice I got caught out by MrD starring at his wife..... He smiled as I blushed and asked me " you like what you see". I smiled back and said "WoW..... Unbelievable Body..... Your a lucky man!!!". She turned towards me and with an Oh so sexy smile said " ThankYou". I introduced myself, and while leaning over MrsN to shake hubby's hand, I forced myself not to look down!!

After some small talk, I noticed that a group of teenagers were busy opening up the month of the lagoon. Everyone that visits the beach frequently know that this is a big No Go!!! When the lagoon mouth bust open into the sea, it can take up to four hours, before it is safe the cross. Being Sunday afternoon, nobody were keen on being stuck on the northern side of the lagoon till late.

I rushed over to the teenagers, and explained the situation to them. They stopped digging and got up. Mission completed. I started walking back, looking forward to carry on chatting to the couple. Then I noticed the teenagers are back at it again!!! I ran over and started shouting at them. They got up, and as one group they started walking towards me...... This is going to get ugly I thought!!!

Suddenly they turnaround, and ran as if they just saw a ghost! Then I noticed MrD rushing up behind me...... Smiling at the teenagers disappearing over the dune.

We walked back and I thanked him for his support. He smiled and said " we make a good team" and with those words fresh in my mind I saw her..... Standing in Full Glorying!! She had the most perfect pair of Boobies, with her dark pink nipples showing off that they are either cold..... Or extremely excited. Glancing down from the top my eye froze on her clean shaven pussy that disappear between those sexy legs. She smiled at us and asked if we had fun. They both got down on their towels, while I remain standing with my back towards the lagoon. I had the perfect view.....

MrsN sitting with her legs just far apart for me to have a peep at that perfect pussy, while MrD was watching me. We were just chatting away, when suddenly she moved her one hand over her Boobie, and with her fingertips pinching her nipple. The nipple that was already growing in size, made my cock hard. Slowly I felt my cock publicly rising up. She looked down at my cock, and slowly opened her legs further!!! Instantly my attention moved from those sexy hard nipples, to her now exposed pussy lips. Perfectly clean shaven with the cutest pink lips opening up. Then hubby asked me "do you enjoy the view" and not referring to the fish eagle!!! With my voice shaking I said " for fucking sure!!!"

I then notice hubby's once average cock was growing in size. I moved my eyes swiftly back to MrsN pussy, and notice how her pink lips starting to shine in the hot summer sun..... She's getting wet!!!

Time stood still..... Every second I could taste heaven, and then suddenly out of nowhere, another couple came walking over. She closed her legs, and my cock starting to head down south quickly.

The other couple starting to chat and the excitement slowly disappeared. As we chatted MrD and MrsN said that they need to leave, as they have other commitments, but will be back again......

To be continued....... (Sorry ????)