31 Jan 2019

The Summer Rains With a sudden crash the rain came dashing from the sky. Your efforts to run for shelter were for naught as large drops of cold water fell upon you and your clothes were soaking instantly. You could feel your skin contract in response to the heavy blanket of dampness, your nipples becoming noticeably erect. A shiver started in your body and you were fully shaking when you finally walked through the door. Your clothes stuck to you as you tried to remove them and the warmth of the house was welcomed to your nakedness. Looking inside the bathroom you could see a hot bath awaiting you. Slipping inside the soft bubbles you could feel your muscles warming. Fully immersed, you lay back in relaxation and reach for the snifter of spiced liqueur set aside for you as you listen to soothing music offered by the nearby bedroom. After finishing your liqueur, you lift yourself from the tub and see your body's reflection in the mirror. 

Bubbles cling to you as you reach to towel yourself. You liberally splash lilac water over your skin and the light scent fills the air around you. Slipping on a terri-cloth robe you leave the bathroom with the tub draining the forgotten rain and walk into the bedroom. A fire is burning in the fireplace, candles light the room and add to the atmosphere provided by the music. You look at the bed and see that it is covered with a very thick blanket of flower petals. Each petal gives off its own scent and you let your robe drop to the floor as you lay face first in the flowers and feel their soft touch against your skin. Directly you feel the strong hands of a expert masseur and relax into them as they untwist your muscles. You can feel yourself drifting away from the memory of dampness that not long ago surrounded you. 

You roll over onto your back to receive the soft strokes across you naked body. A kiss is left upon your lips and the hardness of your nipples presses against the strong body hovering over you. Delicate flower petals appear all over your skin where your glistening perspiration has attached them. You reach down and feel the hardness of a strong and willing man. His mouth moves from yours to nibble upon your ear lobe as you stroke him with your hand. You can feel his warm breath on your neck as he lightly brushes his lips against your skin and moves his kisses and nibbles to your nipples. He presses his closed mouth to your firm breast and opens it slightly and closes is again. He moves his lips and performs this again, gently massaging your skin with his quivering lips before finding again your nipples. He tugs at them between his lips and splashes down on them with his tongue. You feel your skin stroked gently upon it's ever inch. You feel your nipples tugged and pulled up from your breasts as strong hands massage your volume. Your back arches as you try to press your skin against the hands sliding about your body and your head falls back as your mouth opens to gasp. A pair of full lips press against yours in a brief kiss only to move away again. Moments later they return and the kiss lasts longer as you open your mouth to receive a probing tongue. Your legs move apart and the hands stroking your thighs move inside to find your vulva. Back and forth, you feel the rubbing of strong fingers above your waiting flower. The lips kissing you retreat and are replaced with a proud erection. 

You slide your mouth over it and your mouth fills with saliva. You feel a warm breath between your legs and then a tongue darts out to your clit.

You hold your mouth on the erection as is slowly moves back and forth across your tongue before moving away. Again your nipples realize that they are feeling the nibbles upon them and are reaching out to meet the soft lips caressing them. Your legs move up into the air to wrap themselves around a body as a tongue swirls across your clit and slides inside you. The tongue probes deep inside you as a lips nudges against your clit. You feel the lip move up and down across you as the tongue fills you inside. Two palms move along your highs in tune to the music that is you as you first start to feel the awakenings of orgasm. Your mouth contracts around the erection passing across your tongue and you feel the semen pump through the long member as it squirts inside your mouth. You continue to suck as you feel is shrinking in your mouth and finally withdrawing. 

The erection is replaced by a kiss and your tongue wraps around a willing partner as your share the warm juice in your mouth. You are distracted by your kisses and fail to notice an erection entering your pussy. You gasp as you feel it fill you completely. Moving slowly at first you feel it inside you entering and exiting. Each stroke deliberate and punctual, your muscles contract around it as it enters and exits. The wave of your orgasm comes so quickly so as to be a surprise. You feel it mounting inside you and you draw a half breath through an open mouth making a slight sound. The tongue kissing you presses against your mouth and you exhale quickly into it. The erection sliding in and out of you is giving you its fullest as it plunges deep inside you before almost withdrawing. A ripple gathers momentum in your muscles and moves against itself as you shatter in the intense pleasure. You back arches high and your hips rise to meet the hips grinding the erection inside you. 

The muscles in your pussy spasm and contract around the hard shaft squeezing it as your heaving hips land again on the soft bed. Now the pumping is fast and hard against you with two strong hands pulling firmly on your hips. You feel a body slam gently against you and another ripple starts exploding in your body. You let out a scream that starts in the pit of your stomach and crawls its way to your throat only to come out as a moan. Your breathing is hard and you are panting as the intense feeling goes on. Every muscle in your pelvis is swimming against itself as an ocean passes across your body and you feel the tide. With your hips held firmly against the pumping inside you, again you feel the streams of warmth fill you as you are again evacuated. You lie back only to feel the throbbing of your pubis as the after shocks course through your body. Your legs are spread awkwardly apart as you slowly regain your breath and start breathing in a rhythm again. Spasms course through your muscles like a pulse. Your hands are upon your breasts gently kneading them as you lie with your eyes closed. 

Gone is the mouth that was kissing you and you cannot remember its depart. Yet you do recognize the kiss when you feel a mouth press against your throbbing pussy and start gently licking your lips. A tongue drags across your clit and shivers make their way to your nerve endings. You feel your clit tugged by the fleshy lips and a tongue swirls about it. Everything is in slow motion as you relax as enjoy the soothing massage between your legs. For a long time you lay there with your next orgasm slowly building inside you. Your are relaxed and in a half dream when finally it peaks catching you off guard. Your hips buck wildly against the swirling tongue for what seems an eternity. You feel your eyes rolled backwards in your head as you conscious leaves your body and you travel away floating on gravity. Your legs are convulsing and you squeeze your breasts in your hand. Slowly it subsides and you float back down lost deep inside yourself. You feel a sheet cover you as you fall into a deep sleep.

Tags: adventure