12 May 2016

So we usually play MMF. That's what I like, that is what she likes (we have a spreadsheet).

SO one night she had that swagger in her step. The one that says "I need to be fucked tonight. I'm all keen, but there were things to be done still. At that point, the neighbour's son, and his bunch of friends, arrived for some party next door - we look over into their yard perfectly. She makes contact , and not long after, she is over there playing silly drinking games. She returns an hour later, and does some more domestic chores. When we've all been fed and stuff, she attempts to return, but is now blocked at the gate by some righteous dick (who wasn't there earlier). She returns home fuming. At some stage I went out for a half hour or so, to pick up stuff from the "shops ". On my way home phone rang, and it was her number. I just KNEW. When I answered, it was mid-fucking. She had managed to entice about 8 of these young men to the park across the road. As I pulled into the driveway, I could just vaguely see the shapes in the park. She called again (mid-fuck) and asked me to join. I gave it about 15 mins then ambled across the road into the park. What a scene! There she was, naked, being fucked on the park bench, encircled by a circle of 18 - 20 year olds, also naked, playing with their dicks , waiting their turn. I'm a big mofi, and my kids were older than these boys. Some got panic stricken and wanted to run, others just looked scared. I just said "chill dudes, all good". The fucker at that moment had some balls: without missing a beat he stuck out his hand and said: Hey, I'm Johnny, thank you for this awesome opportunity.

By now I was starting to worry about the movement and noise in the park, and I merely said .... let's all go to our home boys. About six followed us home. And the party continued (except for the two "MORAL" ones who had girlfriends and who were just there to "watch"). But, some friends were called to come and "get some". Wonder if these boys will ever be the same?