Written by Perpetual

20 Nov 2014

Letting a friend of mine know that she fancied me, I played dumb but checked her out carefully and got all the right signals. She was unsure of how I felt but I carefully set the trap and now she was here still not sure if I was taking the bait or just getting her to collect a long forgotten parcel for her friend.

I invited her in and made some coffee...when we chatted she was still fishing but I knew that she was already in the shallows and that I was ready to land this delightful, sexy and eager catch.

I took her by surprise by suddenly taking her in my arms and gave her a deep tong-thrusting kiss that took her breath away and before she could recover...I had my thumb and forefinger rolling her left nipple causing it to harden while I planted hot kisses in her neck. She was now like a fish out of water gasping for air but I did not let up...pushing her backwards and kneading her breasts and then letting my hands glide over her upper body. I pinned her with my knee and loosened her blouse then her bra causing her breasts to break free. I gave my mouth free rein over her nipples...sucking, licking and nipping at them causing them to pucker and harden...changing to a delightful darker colour.

My hands encircled her butt, kneading them while I let my fingers wander between her butt crack and dangerously close to her pubic area. I was feeling my shaft extend and harden and was aware of a growing need to take this wonderful creature named Rita who was becoming increasingly aroused from the ragged breathing and the long "aaaghhh - aaaaarrghh" sounds that was emanating from her throat. My need to be free of the restrictions of my track suit pants and underwear was almost unbearable and the throbbing of my shaft was almost too muc too bear. As I tore Rita's loose bottom from her arse she must have glimpsed my fully erect cock because she gasped loudly and made a play for it, but I was having none of it...pushing her hand away roughly and then picking her up and carrying her into the bedroom. She was a handful though, getting her hand on my throbbing cock as I carried her...causing me to growl and grunt with the pleasure that her slim fingers was causing as she rubbed around it.

I was prepared though and when I threw her down on the bed, I whispered for her to trust me as I tied her hands to the sleigh bed with my silk ties. She seemed slightly alarmed at first which only goaded me further because she had always appeared with her friends as the woman who knew everything about how to play a man. But here she was now... gasping not only for air but out of lust as I started to play my catch...her red g-string was already showing signs of becoming soaked and her musky smell was incredible...the soft curl of her puss-fur showing through the lace.

I pulled her panties down and she gasped as I blew on her cunt...opening the lips slightly as I started to play with her..first massaging her outer lips as the "AArrrgghhh- aaarrrggghhh" sounds started to becoming more lustful needy "Gnnnnuuuuughhh - Gnuuuuuughhhh sounds".

Rita was totally helpless and starting to plead for me to fuck her as she thrashed around in the shallows like a fish trying to get into deeper waters and fuck her I certainly did...but only with my fingers as I played her inner lips gently...sliding my middle finger along the length of her inner lips causing her to open her legs as wide as she could and moving wildly along with my unrelenting finger. Now and then I paused at her clit and flicked it wickedly getting and instant reaction and a guttural sound that was unmistakenly naked, raw passion..

I curled my finger into her soft inner core working the soft centre that caused her to thrash her head from side to side, softly cursing and talking dirty while I fingered her just like I had fantasised and imagined that I would do. Now she was pushing her arse up into the air and I knew she was desperate for me to thrust deeper and as soon as I did...the Gnnnuuuughhh sounds was replaced first by a long Aaarrrrghhh- Aaaarrrghhh sound and then a pained I'm commmmminnnggggg!!! cry that was mouthed through clenched teeth as Rita started to buck and pusch up while I kept my long middle-finger deep in her core as she drove into it. Please fuck me she now cried desperately but I dropped to my knees and forced open her legs even further and looked over to her while I said " Now I'm gonna tongue-fuck you...

I started out slowly not put off by her puss-fur or soaked cunt...lapping around her wetness and her inner lips gently then flicking my tongue over her clit...then mouthing it and sucking on it gently as she rolled her hips and thrust upwards into my face only able to mouth the words...please...please which I wicked took to mean that I had to please her further. Without warning I thrust my tongue into her as deeply as I could...forcing it further...tasting her and feeling her contract as she came delightfully and then again in quick succession. Rita now breathless needed a breather and I needed to get my throbbing cock free and into action. I was free and walked over the bed towards Rita who knew what I wanted as I half-crouched over her face holding my deep red throbbing cock towards her mouth. She was a great cock-sucker that was evident by the way she set out on a mission with her mouth but then stopped as I floated into a haze of lust...untie me and I'll give you the time of your life she said and I was keen but the damn ties had a knot harder than my cock from her passionate and frenzied thrashings...luckily I had a scissors and cut my expensive ties to pieces but the moment she was loose, I was fucked...or rather being mouth-fucked...tongue-fucked...lip-fucked...

Rita drew her tongue along the length of my shaft teasing me and sucking my enlarged cock painfully and pleasurably and I felt myself spinning out of control as I shuddered and felt my balls drawing up and I could feel the inevitable explosion of my loins drawing rapidly closer. I was out of control groaning hard but skillful as she was and slippery as an eel, she squeezed my head to delay my orgasm then as I sucked the air, she sucked on my head, loosening the brakes on the runaway truck that was my orgasm and as I felt the powerful shudders in my loins, I saw her taking me into her mouth and as I groaned a warning to her she started to suck with fervour and I emptied my seed into her mouth with a long guttural groan and a series of disjointed jolts as she fondled my scrotum at the same time.

I gained a measure of control by eating out her rich little cunt again and as she started a now familiar pattern of bucking and pushing upwards, my loins started to breathe fire again and I was rock hard and itching to pump into her.

She invited me in and gasped as I slowly entered her very well oiled depths slowly at first...then waiting for her to establish a rhythm while I slowly started with languid slow and measured fucking...Rita was in total unison...her forehead bathed in sweat as we rode together. I felt her respond like a high-performance engine that wanted to be let loose and I fucked more urgently...deeper and with an animal inside me that caused her to start to respond with naked lust. Her rev counter starting to push towards the red as I push my cock down hard like you would with an accelerator...going as deep as I could...as I floored her causing her growl as she responded with vigour. We were going hard...slapping lower bodies and groaning vocals driving us onwards. My hungry cock feeling every inch of her depths and then as I felt myself gaining uncontrollable momentum, just before I feared getting to the chequered flag before this naked passionate woman who was giving me one of the rides of my life, I felt her inner cunt muscles start to spasm and then felt her nails dig deep into to my arse. I looked into her face and her eyes was wild...her face contorted and her tongue was licking over her lips...a tiny trickle of spit at the corner of her mouth. I felt powerful...dominant but then as she bucked as she started to come she fucked me with wild abandon causing me to spin out of control again as I started coming powerfully...for a moment not caring about her needs but only mine as I fucked hard and deep with little regard for anything. Her face becoming a haze as my eyes lost focus and my seed, not nearly as much as earlier spurted into her in as it culminated with my orgasm that started long and powerfully and ended in short ragged pumping into her cunt. Then we were spent...gasping for breath while I tried to keep my tender cock into her for as long as I could.

After a long hot shower...I answered the questions that she never had a chance to ask and I got the answer to my important questions...Yes...we would meet up and fuck again....

Yes...I could tie her up again...even her legs....

I did however have to agree that before the latter she would tie me up first... Surprise was my biggest weapon but I know that next time she will come prepared....

She'll take every round while I'm tied up of that I'm sure but I'll keep my sneaky surprise for when I tie her up...her g-spot WILL be found and she WILL squirt even though I know that she's never been down that path...

Till next time....;-)