Written by NoRomantic

22 Dec 2013

I havent written anything in while as I've mainly been meeting my now regular every other week and the in between encounters with other men, so thought it would be boring for you to read if it's not swinging related.

To explain, regular and i been meeting almost a yr every other week so it's obviously comfortable, no scroopholes, good sessions knowing what we like. I have never cum without clitoral stimulation so our sessions have a lot of foreplay and the fucking is always with me also rubbing myself to get me over my peak as he fucks me. Also....i do not cum quick, on average takes 15min of constant stimualation before i cum. It can vary from cumming one after other once i go over the peak, or the peak will last 10min and end with one very big loud screaming scratching orgasm.

So he joked saying he's going to tie me down so i cant play with myself and just feel his cock and teach me patience. Adding he will not cum before i have, and maybe he'll last longer too without my constant clenching of his cock when i stimulate myself as he fucks me.

But the joke turned me on and curious as to how i will handle no being able to touch him or my clit. So i told him i got scarves.....

He came over last week in morning both of us going into office late. I waited naked as many times before with scarves next to me as he walked in. He got undressed and my excitement made me moist as it always does when he's naked.

He kissed me slower and softer than usual and licked my nipples but not touching my pussy. I said sarcastically "So show me this patience thing you speak of". With a laugh he tied my hands together and told me to turn on my stomach. I spread my legsas i got on my stomach.

He probably thought he'd better make me wet for his cock and put his thumb in my pussy...but his finger slud in with ease as i was already very well lubricated. He said "are you sure you didnt play with yourself" me angrily saying "i have not!"

He moved his thumb in circles inside my pussy and everytime i lift my bum in a pleading way for him to touch me further, he'd push me down again. I gasped and moaned as i felt his cock slide in me with ease without warning. He fucked me slow for a while. It felt good and i was forced to focus only on the feeling of his cock fucking me, and not the simultsneous stimulation of my clit that usually makes us both climax.

He turned me on my side and his cock again slid in so deep, just keeping it still (he knows what frustrates me) so i started moving on his cock hard bringing my hands down, rememering im tied up...he took my hands in his one hand and held them away from him just making me feel his cock. The side position gives me more sensation than others and i loved every second of it. By now we must have been fucking slowly for half an hr, without foreplay i might add.

He got me on all 4's at edge of bed and as he slid his cock in again my pussy swallowed his cock him saying "mm your pussy is dripping wet". Doggy is also a fav of mine giving me more sensation and i love being fucked hard while i rub myself, making me cum hard on his cock when i do....but now i couldnt. He contined to fuck me slow, moving side to side, making my pussy lips cause some friction on my clit...so i vigorously started fucking him pushing back on his cock. Before he came he stopped me, and put me on my back.

Now we fucked missionary, my tied hands above my head and looking in each others eyes just slowly fucking. I plead with him to untie me so this great sensation im feeling can go over into a huge orgasm...but he just laughed and said "im just enjoying your pussy for now". But eventually he did untie me after almost an hr's fucking....he had lasted longer without my continuous clitoral stimulation on his cock. I eagerly reached for my clit and instantly i started clenching on his cock from the added stimulation so he just held his cock in me.

But now i wanted control again so turned him around and started riding his cock slowly. With about an hour fucking my orgasm built up as i rode his cock, i fucked hard and fast as the orgasm flooded through me abd we both came screaming and moaning.

I got on my back again and he played with my clit...i got to peak quickly, but it was one of those where i am on peak for 10-15min and it will go into one big screaming, scratching orgasm. Those that know me know they need to build stamina in their arms and tongue as i can take long. I was moaning and his eyes went one shade darker and his face into this eye squinting, lips slightly parting and breathing musky when i get so loud.

But.....unfortunately this session ended somewhat frustrating....after 10min of him fucking me with his fingers and his thumb rubbing my clit i was SO close but he said "god sorry babes but my arm's gona fall off. He fell backand i shouted "noooo".

But none the less i enjoyed feeling his cock in me for so long.

I was still frustrated though...so when a man ive met over a yr ago and kept in contact with all this time said he wanted to meet, i said yes and left work at lunch again showered again and let him in and he licked and figered me for a long time, i sucked him and we fucked like old friends that just picked up where we left off.

I got back to work and told my regular about my 2nd meeting.

Please note: condoms were used at all times during these productions :-)