Written by hotrod

21 Feb 2015

It started with a message on site to a whatsapp chat and ended with a meet for a drink. I was very sceptical because of previous unsatisfactory meetings with youngsters. Low and behold I agreed on meeting him. I was pleasantly surprised meeting this hot sexy dude.

Evening started with a drink, chat and getting to know each other, followed with another drink. A call from his gf disturbed us, that got my hormones going. I had to restrain myself from touching and teasing him while he was on the phone.

I removed my bra and my brown nipples were very visible under my short dress, that caught his attention. The call ended and I kissed him and asked him to join me on the duvet I laid down on the floor of the lounge. We sat across each other, my dress just high up enough for him to see my sexy tanned legs and wet pussy. He started stroking my thigh up to my lips forcing my legs open with each stroke. We kissed while I undressed him. O my what a body, it felt so good under my exploring hands and lips. He went down on me and teased and pleased me with his mouth, slowly at first until I arched my back and cried out with pleasure and filled his face with my squirt. I turned him around and started nibbling his nipples all the way down to his now half mast cock, and took his cock and balls into my mouth while teasing his ass with my fingers while he was finger fucking my pussy and ass until I once more exploded with ecstasy and came. He lifted me onto the couch, kneeling, put his cock ring on and started fucking me slowly inch by inch into my wanting pussy and fucked me hard and deep, sucking my nipples. I had multiple orgasms before he cried out and filled my womb with his young cum.

A smoke break was welcomed, before round two began with me waking his cock up with my tongue, sucking his balls and rimming his ass. He was finger fucking me and sucking my clit while I deep throated him and once again squirted in his mouth. I changed position on my hands and knees and asked him to fuck me hard in the pussy till I come and then fuck me hard in the ass. He proceeded in fucking me hard from behind while teasing my clit with his fingers. What an explosive orgasm I had before he slipped out and slid his cock slowly inch by inch into my ass and started slowly penetrating me until I felt comfortable and started fucking me hard and deep until we both cried out with pleasure, filling each other with our cum.

Lying next to each other enjoying our heart beats and caresses to end the evening.

Looking forward to our next adventurous sexual encounter.