15 Aug 2016

Hot Night Out. Last night wife and I went out for supper. We went to a very plush restaurant. We got there early and there was hardly any people in the restaurant.

Wife was wearing a loose fitting low cut top. I was very horny looking at her lovely cleavage. Our waiter took us to our table. He was a young guy around 21 or so. As he moved wifey's chair for her to sit, I could see him staring at her boobs. He must have had a good view as she bent down to sit. The waiter left the menus on our table and left. I asked wife if she noticed how he was staring at her tits and she said no.

After a few minutes he came to take our drinks order. Again he was looking straight down her top as he stood next to our table. He must of got a full view of her bra and cleavage. As wifey ordered her drink, she smiled at him as if to tell him she knows what he is doing. He smiled back and left.

I asked wifey to go to the bathroom and remove her bra which she agreed to. When she came back, she gave me a quick peek of her nipples. Our waiter came back to take our order and he must of noticed that she didnt have her bra on this time. We told him we undecided on our food so we just ordered more drinks.

I asked wifey to give him a good view when he came back. She pushed her chair a little back and leaned forward. I stood up to see if I can see her tits. I got an instant hard on as I was able to see her whole breasts.

When the waiter returned, he just stared at her tits for a while. I asked him what he recommended to eat, and he answered me while still staring at my wife's breasts. Wifey smiled at him. I asked him if he is enjoying the view and he replied that she has beautiful breasts. After he left, wife asked me if I noticed the bulge in his pants. I didn't but told her that she could rub it for him. She said no so I didn't push her.

After a while, he brought our food but this time he had one of his colleagues helping him carry the plates. Both of them got a good view again. Our waiter came by a few times and every time he just stared at her breasts. After we paid and ready to leave, he stood next to wifey to move her chair. She casually rubbed his cocked and gave him her naughty smile.

As soon as we got into our car, I started rubbing her cunt. She was soaking wet and came in no time.