Written by KenT_

07 Sep 2018

On Wednesday I received a call from this regular play couple, the hubby asked me if I would take his wife out for the night. Without any hesitation I jumped into my vehicle and was at there home in no time.

Where the beautiful wife dressed in a long black dress jumps into my bakkie while the hubby waves at us. We hug and greet each other, as I reversed out of the driveway I told her to take of her panty. Too which she didn hesitate I took the panty and put it into my pocket. And said to her 'you will not need this for the rest of the night'. While driving to the hotel, I played with her pussy, fingering with some intense actions. She asked me to stop my bakkie and fuck her as she was so horny.

However we get to our hotel without fucking, while walking to our hotel in the corridor I started to finger her, got into the room unbutton her dress licked her. I there after sat on the chair and where she undressed me and started she started lick my hard dick so good. While she did I took some pictures out as that was the only request by her hubby. I then grabbed her placed her on the counter and started fucking so hard. We had so much fun fucking on the counter, sleeper couch and bed. Bent her over fucked in the dog style position as well. I flipped her over fucking her hard until I wanted to come, as I felt the urge to come I pulled my dick out spraying my load on her titties. I got the towel cleaned her up and button on her dress for her. We walked to the restaurant to something to eat (remember still no panty on). We ate and spoke abit before we got back to the hotel where we had some hardcore sex again. Hubby received pictures as we were taking them out. It was a night of great fun. One fantasy done few more to go......,