12 May 2016

Here's our recent experience from my point of view, hers to follow. Hope you enjoy us dipping our toes.

We had our second experience this weekend. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t live up to the first as we’d been relaxing in the hotel room most of the day and were pretty flat. We met the guy on SH and my wife made the final choice from my shortlist. He arrived on time and seemed pleasant enough, we had a few drinks and some small talk. She was wearing a shirt with no bra, her nipples were “perky” and I noticed him checking her out. I asked Her if she was ok, she nodded and said she would get ready.

She was lying face down on the bed when I walked in, I replaced her gown with a towel and noticed she’d removed her underwear as well.

He started off normally but She told me he snuck a few touches when massaging her upper thighs and that she started getting wet. After some time he asked her to turnover and then removed the towel. Here was my wife, completely naked with a stranger massaging her, very, very hot, I started getting hard and was leaking precum everywhere.

He spent a lot of time on her boobs but slowly moved to her hips and thighs, he started fingering her and I could hear how wet she was, listening to his fingers moving in and out of her pussy was driving me crazy. He took his boxers off and carried on fingering her, he was pretty much hard the whole time, she started to cum and I remember her clenching the sheets in her fists as her back arched and she came hard. She asked me to take my pants off and join which I did. At one point I looked down at her and she was holding both out cocks smiling up at me. What an experience.

I nodded down at her and she turned to him and put him into her mouth. He was a bit longer than me but slightly thinner so she had no problem taking him all the way into her mouth while he groaned, obviously enjoying it. She alternated with us in her mouth then turned her hips to me. I slipped into her while she was on her knees sucking him, needless to say I didn’t last very long before cumming after which I moved to the chair and carried on watching them.

She made him lie down and started jerking him off and sucking him while he fingered her, he came after a minute or so and fell back after which we all laughed self consciously.

We moved to the lounge had a drink and then he left.

Wediscussed it afterwards. She originally said that she didn’t want actual penetration with another guy but after trying this she admitted she now seriously wondered what it would be like.

We had fantastic sex again afterwards and will continue to do so. We agreed it made us both ridiculously turned on and there were no regrets or jealousy at all.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next experience and to her comments and thoughts which I hope she shares with you.

Till next time…..