12 May 2016

My hubby posted his point of view, here's how it went down for me.

After my last experience (which now that I have a comparison would get a 5/10) the build up was getting a bit nerve wracking, not because of the thought of getting naked In front of a stranger… More so, what if this stranger did not get turned on, or worse yet did not do it for me.. It was do or die if we did not score high on this one then I knew it could possibly be my last. Knowing a little more of what to expect made me even more anxious. I did not even think I would climax… I was tired, lazy and my nerves were eating me from inside.. but we had already committed so no pulling out now I thought … Boy was I wrong about how it would turn out.

For a while now I have been explaining to hubby that when I see him (and now I realize other men too) being turned on, cock as hard as a rock by me.. That will push me over the edge like no other… This was going to be my test as to how much I can turn another man on and doing so In front of my hubby at that. 
Well he arrived… Early. Talking a lot but I put that down to nerves on his side for sure.. Good to see I wasn’t the only one with nerves all over the place. After two drinks I went and got changed.. This time I was fully dressed when he arrived and now had no problem with going to the room and taking everything off .. Only covering my shoulders with a light silky white gown with some lace trim which only just covered my nipples. Lying on the bed he came thru and after a quick change started his massage. He moved well and did enough at prolonging it just enough to make me feel comfortable but quickly moved down to my legs coming up along my inner thigh, subtly brushing over my lips then moved over my hips down my sides rubbing his hands over the sides of my boobs… I did a full 360 from my tired lazy self at this point.. My body could not help but answer the call.. I was soaking wet, dripping now.

Nerves were now gone and I was ready to just let go.
Turning over I heard a low groan from him. He seemed to love the look of my boobs and focused on them immediately. I could see his hard cock standing up in his jocks which he quickly took off and I was met with this stranger who was so turned on … He stood over me rubbing my boobs with his one hand and touching my clit with the other. I came quickly and then loudly again and again. I can come quickly, hard and often which I love.

I looked over at hubby who was just as hard rubbing his hard cock while watching. As I turned back here was the guys hard cock right there close to my face.. Taking him into my mouth I felt his body completely respond .. I love how a man surrenders complete control as I move my mouth all the way down his shaft deep into my throat. All the while I was squirming with a combination of him fingering my g spot and hubby now touching my clit button he knows so well, this does it for me every time. Looking up from my view I then wished I had a camera the view of two hard cocks over me which one do I take into my mouth first… I wanted both . I could not wait any longer I got onto my hands and knees to have hubby take me from behind.. Hubby deep inside and the ecstasy of a strangers hard cock in my mouth, wow. He sat back and by his groaning I could hear he was enjoying this as much as I was. Hubby and I came together. I was completely dripping wet. As this finished the guy turned into his back and I set out to finish what I had started.. For a second I considered sitting on top of him but rather Taking him deep and fast into my mouth I needed more of this turn on control. I was touching myself at the same time.. Cumming over and over.. He took a deep breath and said “I am going to come for you” (for me??? I came again) and he helped me finish the job. I sat back exhausted looking across the room at both men.. Both satisfied and both had just cum for me.. What a turn on!! I knew then there would be a next time and I am ready for penetration.. I knew then it had to be soon.

 One thing is for sure that as long as my hubby is so turned on and as long as what we share together is just as awesome.. I am happy to do this again..

I can’t wait to look into his eyes while another man pushes his cock into me.. I want him to see me cumming I want him to see how intense it is.. I want him to finish it off by taking me after without giving a second thought.. Uncontrollably coming inside me taking back what is his without question.

Hope you enjoyed, keep checking back for our next experience.