Written by ordinary_sexual

07 Sep 2015

After 7months of meeting regularly & intense wet squirting sex sessions, Geronomo & I went to Lizas Sat night. Weren't that many people...only 3 single guys and few couples. The one bigger table seemed to know each other & planned to meet there and play.

We chatted to a young couple, the wife being a newbie.

Eventually we heard a big (what sounded like) a spanking gangbang...guessing the big table from earlier. Besides another young couple we were the 1st couple to go into open rooms upstairs.

I lay naked while he licked me, his fingere rubbing my gspot...my moans getting louder and me gyrating on his mouth...i then noticed a woman and two men watching us by the door. Quiet but eyes fixed on us until i screamed and closed my legs.

They left and we kissed and touched and heard people get jnto the jacuzzi. I was turned on by people hearing and seeing us so I told him to play again..inserted his fingers in me and me rubbing my clit...clitoral and gspot drives me insane. My moans get louder again while people talking in jacuzzi. I try not to scream but i always do when I'm played with like that. I let out a loud scream and the 1 older woman says "jeez she can cum hey".

I put my black sheer lingerie & We went for a drink & chatted, hearing some moans until he got hard again. We went into mirror room, i just took my black panties off and with my lingerie "teddy" I suck him while he stand infront of me and I'm on all 4's. He gets behind me and fuckks me doggy while we look at ourselves in the mirrors. We hear people talking watching briefly. I get on top of him and rub his cock on my clit and i notice a guy watching my ass from behind, not sure if i should call him..but he disappears as well again.

We wanted to go into dark room but 2 other couple go in..so we not sure if we'll intrude..and we go back to the open room and play. I ride his cock and the thought of the dark room makes him cum inside me with a moan.

Eventually everyone starts leaving and they greet us good bye..and we wonder..ok...no one actually made it contact besides watching me cum few times but they do greet us when they leave.

The cold showers with no soap was just shitty.

the next morning i rode his cock again fast and hard making myself cum and running down us...