Written by Anonymous

26 Apr 2019

So, this year, for New Year’s, we decided on a quite night in. At 15 minutes to go, hubby asks if we should take our son over to the beach, which is less than a 2-minute walk, and watch the fireworks. I grabbed a bottle of wine, a light jacket as it was warm out and we headed for the beach getting there with a few minutes to spare.

Some guys were already letting off fireworks at the far end of the town but where we were, on top of the dunes, no one else was around.

Midnight came around and a kiss with hubby for New Year’s and we sat and watched the firework show for about 20 minutes.

Our son decides he is tired and wants to go to bed so hubby says he will take him back and that I should sit and finish the wine off and watch the show.

Off he goes and I sat with my wine watching the firework show. About 10 minutes passed and I saw a group of three guys walking my way. As they got near me, one of them asked if they could all have a New Year’s kiss. It was obvious they had had a few drinks but I said ok and stood up and the one asking got a peck on the cheek. The second one I went to also peck on the cheek but he turned his head at the last minute and got a peck on the lips instead. The third said that this was not a kiss and leant in with his mouth slightly open. I started to kiss him then felt his tongue against my tongue and we kissed for several seconds.

The other two made comment that it wasn’t fair and that they should get a proper kiss too. I kissed them each properly in turn and that started a lot of hands on my bum as well as lots of proper snogging.

I made no effort to stop them fondling my bum so they carried on, swapping over and kissing me in turn. After several times around, they got bolder and I started to feel my boobs being rubbed through my jacket. Again, I made no move to stop them and they took this as a green light and there was much more playing of my boobs and fondling my ass. I had hands on my boobs and bum and was being kissed, all at the same time.

After a while I felt a hand go under my jacket and under my t-shirt and make its way up towards my bra covered boobs. The hand went straight under the bra and straight to my nipple. I let out a little moan and immediately, one of them unsnapped my bra through my clothes (ladies, why do guys seem to do that so easy whilst we battle to do it?). Another hand went to my other nipple and my t-shirt and jacket were pushed up, along with my unfastened bra, exposing my boobs.

My jacket was unzipped and removed and my t-shirt and bra pushed over my head and removed so I was naked from the waist up. Two heads bobbed down and started sucking my nipples. The other guy was trying to still kiss me over his friend’s heads. I was encouraged to go down to the ground rather than standing up so I sat on the sand and was eased back so that I was lying on my back whilst my nipples were sucked. The guy kissing me stopped and move away and I guess it was him that started to undo the button and zip on my jeans. I felt a hand go inside my jeans, under my knickers and straight to my clit where I was already soaking wet.

My clit was played with, my boobs sucked for a few minutes and I came on whosevers hand it was. When they heard and felt me cum, they seemed to renew their efforts and my jeans were eased down my legs until they got stuck on my trainers. My shoes were removed and my jeans and knickers removed. I was now completely naked lying on the sand and being sucked and played with by three complete strangers.

I felt my legs eased open and fingers enter me. My clit was rubbed vigorously and my boobs sucked hard and I came again. I heard a zip going down and felt a guy get between my legs. I opened them more so he could have easier access and the two guys sucking my boobs stopped and looked down allowing me to see the guy ease his penis into me. It felt really good. One of the others started to suck again on my boobs and the other kissed me again. I came on the guy in me and after a few minutes felt him start to tense and then release his sperm into me. I love feeling a guy cum in me and I came again.

He withdrew and the guy kissing me went straight between my legs, pulled his trousers down and entered me. He made a comment about how wet and nice it was full of cum and started to fuck me really hard. The other two watched him for a bit and then played with my boobs and kissed me and watched him. After I guess about ten minutes he grunted and tensed and a big squirt of sperm hit me really deep. He quickly withdrew and I felt all the cum trickling down and running across my bum.

The third guy got between my legs and after a bit of fumbling, managed to get in me. He fucked me for a few minutes then came in me too.

They got dressed, gave me my clothes so I could get dressed and then, one by one, gave me a huge kiss, thanked me and off they went.

I walked as fast as possible back home, trying to squeeze my legs together to stop all the cum running out. When I got home, hubby said to me that I had a huge grin on my face, was covered in sand and he guessed what I had been doing. He took me in the bedroom, started to strip me off, remarking that I had sand everywhere in my clothes and then, when I told him it was three guys, he was ecstatic. He got me naked, saw the cum inside me and made me tell him everything whilst he licked all the cum out of me. When I had cum a few times and he had licked me clean, he slid up my body and entered me. He fucked me wildly and eventually added his cum into me.

My best New Year’s ever.

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