Written by Forrester

19 Jan 2012

It was a party on the farm...good music, fire, food... the good times were rolling.

Except for Isabella Portinari, this was her birthday as well and now at only ten pm new years eve, she was showing signs of over indulgence and looked in in need of rescue. I sent her to my bungalow to sleep it off. while I danced and partied with the crowd.

Came 2 am and I was ready to quit... The local babes had let rip on the dance floor, plenty of bump and grind and I was horny as hell. Fortunately, their was a babe in my bed...

I hustled the bartender for a couple of Red Bulls and a refill for my nippy of brandy and headed for the bungalow.

Signs were good, she lay there, petite with small perky tits, stripped down to a pink satin thong that said "FUCK ME" and stretched out on the bed partially covered by my goose down duvet.

I decided on a gulp of Red Bull, a sluk of brandy and a cold shower. I came out feeling amped and ready to pounce.

I cranked some chilled trance (great for marathon fucking sessions) on my sound system to awaken her... then lit some candles and rolled a smoke.

She awoke to a candle lit room, a man in a sarong, rhythmic music and a Red Bull in her face.

After the bull she wanted a hit of my smoke, brandy and cock, in that order.

She rolled on her back with her head off the side of the bed and pulled my sarong off to get at my cock which was hard and ready.

I stood here in the candle light pumping her throat to the beat of the trance... she was pulling my ass toward her but she could only swallow three quarters of my cock.

My animal lust started to rise so I turned her over, pulled off her thong, spread her legs wide and stated probing her pussy and ass with my fingers and tongue.

She started bucking and writhing all over the bed so I pinned her down and licked her clit with business like intensity that drove her wild.

"Please fuck me" she begged, "I've been really naughty babe...spank me, pull my hair and be rough" she continued.

That really turned me on so I started to fuck her with just the first quarter of my cock to the pounding rhythm of the trance while I grabbed a hand-full of her hair and twisted it round my hand.

Then, when a particularly thumping riff came along on the soundtrack...I fucked her deep, up to the hilt about 7 times before laying my full weight on her with my cock buried as far as was possible into her juicy hot cunt.

She quivered all over and whimpered while trying to hold me from moving. But the music got hold of me and I wanted to fuck till I come in that sweet little clean shaved pussy. So we fucked for a few numbers in a kind of horizontal trance-dance-fuck. A particularly racy number came on and I couldn't help but come, it was soooo intense.

I felt like a smoke break after that so I rolled off, had another go at the Red Bull and brandy and sat back on the bed to roll a smoke.

I gave her a minute to recover the grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up for a slug of Red Bull with a brandy chaser

"Get to work on that cock babe", I said, "and if you get it right I'll give you a hit of this".

I enjoyed my smoke while she expertly worked my cock and balls with her tongue. I decided she deserved a hit, and gave her one. Then she sat over me and guided my now throbbing cock into that tight little ass and wiggled her way all the way down.

I loved this because a lot of babes need serious coaxing to take it up the ass and this one was begging for it.

The beast in me woke up and I dragged her on all fours to the edge of the bed, cranked up the music and standing, I fuck-danced and spanked that ass till I couldn't hold it anymore and threw myself down with my full weight on top of her and came deep in her ass.

Lying there on top of her breathing heavily I realized I'd practically fucked her into a coma. I let her lie and took a cold shower to revitalize myself, I wanted to fuck her hot little cunt again to put myself to sleep.

The shower worked and I came back to bed with a hard on and pulled her warm little body close. She gasped and responded by pressing her ass toward me as I fucked her deep and slow till we both pretty much passed out.

Lucky for me she was an early riser. I awoke to a hot wet towel on my balls and cock, she massaged them to life then went down on my cock and started working it with that magic tongue. My resistance was low and she soon felt me coming... she swallowed my cock deep and sucked it dry.

She got up dressed, wrote her number on the back of my door with lipstick and left saying. "Call me. I want to do that again."