Written by Dawn1Christo

12 Jan 2012

It was 22:00 on New Year's Eve. 2 Hours before 2012. My family and friends were away on holiday and I sat all alone in my apartment watching New Year events on TV. Since all my friends were away there were nobody to hang-out with when the clock strikes 12. I already recieved alot of messages on my phone from my friends and family however, wishing me a Happy New Year. But I felt so miserable and lonely I could barely stand it.

So, to get my mind off things (and to kill the next two hours) I've decided to take my laundry bag down stairs to the public washing machines.

As I strolled down the stairs I could hear people in the flat complex chatting, laughing and playing loud music.

I got to the laundry-room and discovered it to be empty. Figures. Who would be doing his washing on New Year's Eve.

Anyway, good thing the land lord decided to keep the laundry-room open.

I was busy placing all my dirty washing in one of the machines when I heards laughs coming from outside. Two girls entered the laundry-room with a basket of laundry. Both of them were dressed in short skirts and short tops. One of them was a brunette with long wavy hair and stunning green eyes and the other one had blue eyes with long red hair. (She's blond actually but colored her hair in deep dark red).

I saw the red-head girl before a few times. She also stays in the complex. She noticed me and gave a shy smile. The brunette must be one of her friends. The two of them spoke in hushed voices and giggled some more. I figured they must be a bit tipsy.

I realized my shirt was a bit smelly and took it off. I was now only dressed in my jeans. I placed my shirt inside with the rest of my laundry.

I then realized the girls were a bit quiet and looked over my shoulder at them. I gave a double take as I saw something I did not expect to see!

They were kissing each other passionately. The brunette's top was pulled off to her waste, revealing her full breasts. The redhead moved one hand up and stared rubbing one of the breasts. The brunette moaned and moved her hand under the redhead's skirt and started rubbing her pussy. She gasped in pleasure. I wondered if she had something underneath. I was quite a sight and I've noticed for the fisrt time my handhood bulging in my jeans.

I could not help myself. I unzipped my pants and took out my huge cock and started rubbing it. It was one of the most eroctic things I've ever seen. The redhead (still having her pussy rubbed my her friend) looked at me and gestured me to come closer. With my dick still in my hand I went to join them. I kissed both of them long and lustfully and the brunette removed her hand from under her friends skirt and started rubbing my cock. Her fingertips felt wet. It was so amazing! The redhead then placed herself on one of the tables. She stood on all fours with her back to me and lifted up her skirt. She was wearing a pink g-string. She looked over her shoulder at me with a look that begged me to fuck her. I took off my jeans and was now only dressed in my white hotpants with my cock out. I climbed unto the table and placed myself behind her. I pulled her g-string away to reveal her shaven, wet pussy. I licked it from behind for a moment and she gave a loud moan. I felt her friend's hand still working my cock. I slipped two fingers into her (redhead) slippery wet pussy and she shuddered. I gently moved my finger's in and out as a rubbed her g-spot. She breathed real deep with moans and gasps in between. I pulled my fingers out and licked her sweet nectar from it. I then took my shaft and slowly inserted into her swollen pussy. It felt so good and warm and she looked over her shoulder at me that said it felt awesome for her too. We watched each-other as I started banging her from behind. Slow a first then faster and faster. She moved her hips up and down to add to the thrusts. I could feel her pussy going into spasm around my tight cock. After a few hard thrusts she moaned loudly as she reached her climax. Her pussy juices soaked my cock and ran down her inner legs. I pulled out and she looked over at me again with that shy smile. She got off the table and walked out of the laundry room.

I noticed her friend was gone too. Has she left? Did she not wanted part of the action? Hope she did not feel jealous cause I was willing to give her same satisfaction like her friend.

Oh, well. I got of the table and pulled my underpants over my wet (still hard) cock. While I wait for the laundry to finish I will jack myself off upstairs in my flat.

I reached for my jeans on the floor and discovered it was not there anymore. The brunette bitch stole my trousers! Good thing I kept my flat's keys in the laundry bag.

I dashed outside in my underpants to see if I can still find the girls and retrieve my jeans. As I walked around the parking lot in the complex I noticed a car with the engine still running and headlights burning. The driver appeared to be missing. As I approached the car I noticed a gorgeous blond woman sitting in the passenger's seat. Her window was rolled down. She noticed me and I could tell she was very close to being drunk.

"You okay?" she asked in a sweet voice. I walked over to her and stood by the window. There was just something very sexy about me standing naked in my white hotpants infront of such a beautiful blond lady. I could feel my cock swollen-up again.

"You did not see 2 girls here have you?" I asked. She noticed my erection and her eyes met mine. She smiled broadly. "No I have not."

She reached out and started rubbing my cock under my underpants. Very slowly. I could feel my orgasm building up and was worried that I would cum in my underpants. She then pulled my cock out and it seemed bigger than ever. As she rubbed it she said: "Don't worry. My boyfriend ran upstairs quickly to fetch his wallet. But it's actually in the car's glove compartment. So he won't be along for while."

She pulled me closer by my cock and started licking the head. My breathing increased as she watched me enjoying it. She then took my entire cock into her mouth and sucked it slowly. "Mmmm...I taste pussy on you dick. Have you been a bad boy?" she smiled. She started rubbing her pussy through her pants and took my cock in her mouth again. She increased her rythm and her head bounced up-and-down.

I could feel my orasm flooding and tried to keep it in a bit longer. But feeling her lips wrapped around my shaft and feeling her sucking on it made me release a tidal of bliss. I moaned and groaned as I blasted my cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of it and even licked my cock clean. She looked up at me again and said with a smile: "Happy New Year."

It was 15 minutes before midnight and I was back in my flat with clean laundry. (I did not find my jeans). I placed myself infront of the TV and watched fire-work displays. I smiled as I thought about the 3 girls I met that night. Good way to start the year.